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Review of La Bocca Della Verita

Review of La Bocca Della Verita Rubber Rod

Summary: This toy from Magic Eyes really hits the mark. It is quite possibly the greatest blowjob simulator ever created.


Great Buy

La Bocca Della Verita, or “the mouth of truth,” is an oral sex simulator by Japanese sex toy company Magic Eyes that holds a place on this website’s list of top ten onaholes.

The mouth comes packaged in a larger than normal box. The box is easy to open and contains some very interesting illustrations inside that tell the story of the toy. Supposedly the legendary mouth of truth can cause anyone to spill the beans as well as any truth serum available. Of course none of this matters much. The toy itself is the key.

The Bocca is about as long as the average man’s penis though it is much thicker and heavier. The toy is quite floppy even though it is dense and well made. It comes packed in a fine powder that helps preserve its soft and supple material. It’s also packed with a small package of lubricant that works well enough but won’t last more than one or two uses.

The front of the Bocca Della Verita is designed to look like the lower half of a woman’s face even though it is not quite life size. It has a soft little nose and a pair of gentle lips. On the side of the toy the brand name Magic Eyes appears those this isn’t too intrusive and actually helps a little with gripping the toy. The toy actually resembles the cartoon drawing on the box which doesn’t sound like much but is actually less common than one might think. A lot of the cheaper and more nondescript male sex toys sold in Japan have boxes decorated with elaborate drawings that don’t really match up at all. This is real attention to detail.

Beyond the lips of La Bocca is what is probably the most unique part of the toy. La Bocca Della Verita contains a set of hard plastic teeth. The manufacturer designed this toy with these teeth in an attempt to make it more like a real mouth than the other blowjob toys on the market.

The Mouth of Truth Japanese male sex toy

La Bocca also contains a small tongue that almost seems to move on its own and a rigid roof of the mouth that feels a hell of a lot like the real thing. Although the toy is a little smaller than a real woman’s nose, mouth and chin, La Bocca is pretty realistic when the price is considered. The lips are soft to the touch and even to the kiss and the mouth rates highly when it is moistened with a little lube. Inserting a finger into the lubed throat feels incredibly real. The thing even has tonsils.

Since La Bocca has a permanently opened mouth it is incredibly easy to lube up. By squeezing the toy before placing lubricant in the mouth La Bocca can be made to drink up the liquid by simply lightening up on the grip.

It is almost as easy to get a hard male unit into the mouth as it is to lube up. With the right amount of lubricant an average size piece of man meat has no problem sliding in and out of the mouth and throat. When in use the toy parts open allowing the hard plastic teeth to just gentle drag against the user, creating what is a surprisingly enjoyable sensation.

A little pushing allows for a deep throat experience that is out of this world. When going deep and aiming for the tonsils the teeth cannot really be felt at all but that does not take away from the enjoyment. The sensation created is very close to the real thing.

La Bocca Della Verita blowjob sex toy

As the sensations they can create prove, the toy’s teeth are clearly no gimmick. The same goes for the toy’s tongue which is firmer than the rest of the toy. With use the tongue seems to have a mind of its own. It slides all over in a way that really adds to the good feelings La Bocca Della Verita creates. It’s all good. Very good in fact.

Different sensations can be created by spinning the toy around and here again the teeth and tongue come into play. Turning the toy upside down is good. Turning it sideways is even better. It’s hard to go wrong.

One issue with La Bocca is the difficulty in cleaning it. Like most good male masturbators it is closed on one end. For most toys this isn’t too much of an issue. For La Bocca which cannot really be turned inside out of even stretched much it causes a problem. The only real way to clean the toy is to use a douche-like cleaning utensil or to spray a strong stream of water down its throat for some time. While this can be annoying it is worth it considering just how good the toy is.

La Bocca is pretty dense and durable though enough stretching could probably cause rips around the mouth and definitely could unseat the hard plastic teeth from the rest of the toy. Again these are minor issues when everything else is taken into account. La Bocca Della Verita is well named. It is the truth!

La Bocca Della Verita is available at OtonaJP.

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