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Someone finding their way to onaholereview.com for the first time would probably get the general idea of what it is about almost instantly. Still, there is a good chance they may have many more questions about the wonderful world of “onaholes” and wonder why someone like me would put this kind of website together.

For those unaware the term onahole is used in Japan to describe the wide variety of male masturbators sold there. When I say wide variety I mean it. There are hundreds and even thousands of different kinds of onaholes in the land of the rising sun and they are sold in various places.

About onaholes

In the United States the Fleshlight is probably the most well known male masturbator. There are different versions of the toy available but they number only in the dozens. There are also different kinds of “pocket pussies” available in what remains of the adult toy shops and on online adult shops like Adam and Eve.

While I will review male sex toys of all kinds on this website the focus will be on the ona holes created and sold mainly in Japan. There are a few reasons for that. One is that the Japanese toys tend to be the best. This is not only because there are so many different types available. It is because the imagination and workmanship tend to be vastly superior to what is available in other countries.

As a matter of fact I think the reason that the Fleshlight became so popular in the United States is because most Americans are unaware of the kinds of toys available from Japan. That’s not to say that the Fleshlight wouldn’t have sold if they knew — the Fleshlight is sold alongside local onaholes in Japanese sex shops after all. It is simply to say that it would have had a lot more competition and perhaps only blended into the crowd. The genius of the Fleshlight’s inventor is that they made something more universally available to a market that didn’t even know it needed it.

The great thing about the internet is that it puts us all in touch with the rest of the world no matter out current location. This means we cannot only access different people and cultures but also different manufacturers and shopping outlets, including stores that make Japanese male sex toys available to the rest of the world.

I tend to purchase my onaholes in their country of origin when I have the chance but when I don’t I rely on this online stores to ship the products I couldn’t otherwise get directly to my home. Sometimes the prices are a little higher than they would be if purchased in person but surprisingly sometimes they are the same or even lower!

Finally, one may wonder why I play around with onaholes at all. After all there is a whole wide world filled with women out there and we even have our own two hands to fall back on when that doesn’t work out the way we like. I can say that I have a very good amount of experience with real women. This enables me to judge onaholes even better than an otaku who has never left the house or the embrace of his own palms since I have something to compare it to.

I started my adventure with onaholes out of curiosity after coming across some in the adult section of a Donki shop in Japan. I had messed around with plastic pussies sold in America previously but none hit me the way that onahole did. Once I realized how fun and economical Japanese toys were I began exploring them more fully. After trying out dozens of different holes I got the idea to make this website and share what I know with the world.

I don’t think onaholes are good enough to replace the real thing in all cases and I know that they can never replace the warmth of human emotion and romance but they definitely have a role to play in the modern world. One huge benefit is that they are relatively safe especially when compared to random hookups. No one has ever caught a sexually transmitted disease from¬† fabricated fuck hole plucked straight out of a shrink wrapped box.

I present the reviews and news on this site in the interest of aiding the reader but as should be obvious I take no responsibility for their actions. I can’t control what you do nor can I know what is and isn’t allowed in every place around the world. From what I hear sex toys are banned in some places and I believe that since they were technically illegal in parts of the US until recently. For all I know it could even be possible to run into health or other problems too. I’m no doctor, just a fan of male fuck toys. Enjoy at your own risk and all of that, or don’t enjoy at all if you live somewhere that such fun isn’t allowed.

I should mention that this site does make use of some affiliate programs. When people purchase products mentioned on this website after clicking affiliate links placed here this website will earn some money. This doesn’t effect the price you pay at all and you can rest assured that I wouldn’t promote a product simply to earn money. I give honest reviews and that is borne out by the fact that there are no affiliate links for many of things I go over on this site.

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