Onahole Accessories

A regular old fap session requires nothing more than a hand but to improve upon the experience one can add things like lube and porn pictures and videos. The same principle applies to onaholes. The only things required are an onahole and some lube, but the experience and those that come after it can be greatly improved upon with the addition of some accessories like those listed here.

Onahole Warmers

These devices warm onaholes from the inside to make them even more fun. While the cool sensation of a fresh onahole can feel great and most holes warm up on their own once you start using them having the thing warmed up from the outset adds a whole new dimension to the fun.

Onaho USB heater

The USB Onahole Heating System by G-Project plugs right into any computer and works like a charm. Add a little lube and slide into any onahole and you’ll have a warm toy ready for realistic action!

REN usb masturbator warmer

Rends have improved their version of the USB Onahole Warmer and come up with what is probably the best version of this kind of product available at the moment which explains why it has such high user ratings. This warmer can be purchased at OtonaJP.

Tenga warming stick

NPG has made their own Warming Stick and it even works with onaholes from other companies as long as the sizes match up, which is usually does. This is such a popular product that it often sells out. Luckily I already have mine. The Dan Dan Stick is currently available for sale at OtonaJP.

Onahole Cleaners

It’s totally possible to clean onaholes by hand but it can be difficult or messy at times depending on the model in question. These tools help to keep onaholes clean so that can be used again and again for maximum value.

onahole cleaner

Tama Toys has created a Hole Cleaner that promises to kill bacteria and prevent any odor build up in onaholes. I’m happy to say that I’ve never had any odor come from an onahole in my collection other than the rubber smell some give off when you first open them up. That could be because I use tools like this to keep my toys clean. This item is available at OtanaJP.

Onahole cleaning soap

G Project x Pepee Hole Cleaner is another important tool for cleaning onaholes. This is a mild detergent that works better than pretty much anything else you can find to clean your onaholes. It washes away any and all lube and other grime and keeps your sex toys squeaky clean. If you’re going to spend money on male sex toys you might as well buy the proper soap to clean them.

Onahole Storage

Onaholes are a lot of fun to play with. I have some of my favorites out almost every day depending on what’s going on in my life. Still there are times you need to put them away or get them out of sight so you can get some real work done or invite your sister over for a bowl of soup. Onaholes aren’t the easiest things to store especially when they run on the larger side. You can come up with your own ways to store them for example by using pillow cases but there are a few commercially available products that work better than anything I’ve come up with thus far.

discrete storage for male masturbators

The OtonaJP Originals Toy Bag was actually designed to hold onaholes. It comes in different sizes that accommodate various toys including the largest of onaholes. Believe it or not lot of thought has gone into these products and it shows in the way they were made. They are made to work well with male sex toys and keep them in good condition.

Complete Onahole Starter Set

Instead of ordering all the onahole accessories you want individually, you can order a complete set of accessories all at once. Unfortunately there aren’t many of these on the market. Fortunately, the sets that exist tend to be good and fulfill all the needs of an onahole user.

Onahole Starter Set

The Complete Onahole Starter Set from OtonaJP contains five great onahole accessories combined and sold at a discount. With this set you get an onahole, a bottle of lubricant, the above mentioned Rends onahole warmer, an onahole cleaner and an onahole bag. It’s a great buy that has everything you need to get started in the world of onaholes.

6 Responses to Onahole Accessories

  1. Juuzou says:

    Are there a thing for onaholes where I could put the thing in a case like those fleshlights with the cases around them and you can use it and it won’t be easily dirtied?

  2. jj says:

    I have the answer to your question, fellow OnaUser!

    check out the Onagrip on amazon, thats what i like to use.

  3. Steven says:

    i got an onahole bag from otonajp and its amazing. So big and high quality.


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