Where to buy onaholes

As stated on the about page of this website I tend to try to purchase my onaholes in their land of origin. Namely that means buying them whenever I am in Japan which is usually at least once a year. One reason I do that is that they tend to be cheaper there than anywhere else in the world and that is especially true with the generous US dollar to Japanese Yen exchange rate that currently exists.

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Another reason I buy onaholes in Japan is that I can find a wider variety there than I can anywhere else. As soon as they are released they appear on the shelves of Japan’s numerous adult toy stores. I can see the size of the boxes in person and in many cases there are even floor models out for me to check out up close and personal.

Of course purchasing onaholes in Japan is not without its problems. One is simply getting to Japan. I obviously wouldn’t travel there only for the onaholes but since I’m already in the country I enjoy what I can find. Another problem is the weight and size of onaholes. Some are rather large and heavy and are difficult to lug around. Finally there is the problem of importing onaholes by hand. I think they might be illegal in some parts of the world though thankfully I am allowed to have them in the Land of the Free. Even still going through customs could prove to be pretty awkward if they asked to take a look in your bag only to find a dozen rubber pussies.

For all of these reasons it is easier for most people to purchase their onaholes and other male masturbators online. I do this too fairly regularly and as of yet I have not had even a single problem. The following is a list of places I purchase onaholes.


Otona JP – This is one of the most complete Japanese male sex toy shops on the internet. They have products from every Japanese onahole manufacturer in existence plus a lot of stuff that I have never seen everywhere. They sell all the classics along with cool stuff like virtual reality masturbation kits. They also have a good reward system and plenty of free extras like a knowledge base and an overview of the various Japanese brands.

OtonaJP has a lot of things going for it that make it the best place to buy onaholes and associated male sex toys online today. Here are just a few aspects that make OtonaJP really stand out.

  • A huge selection of Japanese onaholes and other sex toys
  • Discreet shipping
  • Exclusive onaholes you can’t find elsewhere
  • Worldwide shipping
  • A reward points system for frequent shoppers
  • Great prices and frequent discounts
  • An excellent rating at Trust Pilot

For those who are worried about ordering Japanese sex toys through the mail because they might get found out, OtonaJP even offers a free repacking service so that no one will know what you order unless they really dig into the box. That’s what I call customer service.

OtonaJP has a lot of cool and interesting products on their website, which is totally in English. Here are a few pictures of some of the coolest things I’ve found on OtonaJP including quite a few products I have picked up myself.

where to buy onaholes

where to buy onaholes

OtonaJP is an all around great site. You can spend hours just browsing through all the various toys they have for sale, not to mention everything else. It’s where you want to order your onaholes! Plus, you can use the code onaholereview when you checkout and you’ll get an extra five percent off your purchase!


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