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K2MAN Male Anal Masturbator Review

K2MAN Male Anal Masturbator Review Horny Harry

K2MAN Masturbator


Summary: The K2MAN Masturbator offers a realistic male anal experience for a fairly low price.


The K2MAN Masturbator is a male anal themed male masturbator made by A-One that will appeal to those who want to replicate the sensation of male anal sex.

There are a few male anal themed toys from Japan, but they aren’t too common considering the sheer amount of toys available. And most of the available ones are, unfortunately, not up to the same level as many of the female-themed onaholes that are on sale. But, I’m happy to proclaim that the K2MAN Masturbator is actually fairly good. Not amazing, but good.

K2MAN Male-Anal Masturbator by A-One Japan - Review
K2MAN Male-Anal Masturbator by A-One Japan

The box design is in stark contrast to the usual anime style artworks that adorn the covers of most onaholes from Japan. It’s a sleek and polished design, with a dark black and yellow colour theme, bold sliver text and a photo of a man’s muscular ass and legs to get you inspired. It’s a nice design and it fits the market and target audience quite well.

The actual toy is a medium-sized hand-held toy. It’s made from a single layer of material that is very soft and supple and it flops around a little when you shake it. 

K2MAN Male-Anal Masturbator by A-One Japan - Review

The shape of the toy allows it to be held easily in one hand which makes it easy to use. It has a wide circular front and it gets narrower a bit further back. A-One has not gone for looks with this toy, keeping it fairly simple in design, which is somewhat understandable as it just meant to replicate an asshole after all. There’s nothing really on it that emphasizes the fact that it’s meant to be based on a male anus. 

The entrance hole to the tunnel is quite tight, which makes lubricating and cleaning a little difficult. But the softness of the material allows it to be stretched a little so it’s not super difficult, just frustrating and fiddly.

Entering the toy is not too hard, also because of the soft stretchy material it is made from. Ample lubrication will be needed to enter and enjoy this toy though. 

The inner tunnel of the toy is a meandering tube with mesh-like walls. It’s somewhat realistic with its textures, and there are no crazy unrealistic protrusions or gimmicks. There’s a small chamber at the back of the tunnel that accommodates you’re head while your deep inside and also helps create a strong vacuum suction. The design is nice and simple, just like the real thing. 

The K2MAN Masturbator provides a tight, stimulating sensation that feels, unsurprisingly, like fucking a real ass. The stimulation is fairly even throughout and the vacuum and tunnel tightness keeps everything firmly wrapped around your shaft. Some people will like this if they want a tight stimulating toy, and other’s man not, especially if they’re on the sensitive side, in which case, this toy could be painful or irritating. 

I personally enjoyed it as I like a stronger, more stimulating toy. But you should consider your own personal wants and needs before purchasing this one. 

K2MAN Male-Anal Masturbator by A-One Japan - Review

If you’re looking for a male-anal themed toy that provides a strong, realistic stimulation, this (and the other toys in A-One’s K2MAN series) is pretty much the best choice among the limited options from Japan. It’s very good quality and there’s a nice balance between offering a lower-priced toy while giving quite a realistic feeling. As mentioned previously, though, the tightness of the toy can make it a little awkward to clean and lubricate, and it might even be a little irritating or even painful to use for some.

The K2MAN Masturbator is available at otonaJP (affiliate link) 

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