Tubomi Hip Onahole Review

Tubomi Hip Onahole by EXE Review

The Tubomi – here – is a virgin-loli themed hip onahole made by EXE. It’s a 500-gram mini-torso toy with a flat bottom so that it can be placed on a flat surface for stability when using. 

The name Tubomi, I think, is a contraction of “Tsubomi” in Japanese which means flower bud – which I guess is in reference to the flower-like vagina on the toy and its virginal connotations. 

The Tubomi comes in a medium-sized box with a super-loli illustration on the front…

Yep, that’s definitely a loli. The design of the box is also quite colourful and unique. Within the box, this medium-sized toy was packed quite snugly within the medium-sized box with no additional support. This seems to have resulted in a few wrinkles on the toy, especially on the bottom as can be seen in this photo…

Tubomi Hip Onahole by EXE Review

The wrinkles are not a huge problem and they don’t affect the feeling of the toy in any way, but the packing could have been done a bit better – and those who are very anal about having their toys looking perfect might not be as forgiving as me, so bare that in mind before you purchase. 

Tubomi Hip Onahole Review

The Tubomi comes in the usual plastic bag and with a small pouch of lubricant. It is a soft pink flesh colour on the exterior, while the inner tunnel material is a darker pink.

Tubomi Hip Onahole by EXE Review

The material is super soft and floppy. Perhaps one of the softest materials I have felt on an onahole. While this is great in terms of feel, it does make handling it a little awkward, but thankfully the flat base bottom means that you shouldn’t really need to other than when you’re moving it around.

The Tubomi features a lower torso design with hips up to the upper tummy. There’s also a small asshole below the vagina that is sunken in a little bit, though it is not penetrable. It adds a little visual stimulation at least and it’s much better than just having a smooth mass of nothingness there. 

The tummy is kind of cute, puffy and lolly-like. There’s also a large camel-toe surrounding the entrance to the inner tunnel and also small oval shape nub at the top. The Tubomi’s whole design definitely follows the virgin-loli theme quite thoroughly.  

The vaginal tunnel of the Tubomi is a meandering tube consisting of soft protruding rings and flaps from multiple angles. At the very end of the tunnel, there is a smalle uterus chamber behind a small ring that gives stimulation to the head of your penis while also building up a strong suction throughout the tunnel.

Upon entering the toy, the combination of soft materials and the tunnel design provides awesome sensations. Everything is nice and snug, and the stimulation is evenly applied along your shaft. The uterus feels great on the head too and there is no problem getting inside it, which has been a problem for other uterus-possessing toys I have tried previously.

Tubomi Hip Onahole by EXE Review

This is a really good toy, with a great, almost addictive feeling. The only bad things I really have to say about it is that the flat bottom and the floppiness means that it can only really be used on the missionary position while on a flat surface. You could try other things with it, but it’ll be a little awkward. The intended missionary position is very good though.

Cleaning is also a little cumbersome due to the snug meandering tunnel and the end chamber, but because it’s a fairly small toy, you can simply run it under a tap or even take it in the shower easily and rinse it out. 

If you have a loli fetish and the desire for stimulating toy, and you’re not too concerned about the lack of variety in positions, the Tubomi is a very good choice. 

The Tubomi Hip Loli Onahole is available at otonaJP (affiliate link).

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