Monster Alraune La Pucelle – Review

Do you know about “The Virgin from Orleans” ( Jungfrau von Oreleans in German)? It’s a famous dramatic take on the story of Joan of Arc (Jeanne dArc). The Monster Alraune La Pucelle is based on the armor from that drama. It will certainly leave you with an impression like how Joan did when she broke her metal bonds at the end the of the story to launch herself into battle with everyone looking at her in astonishment.

The maker of this monstrous onahole you can’t take your eyes off of is Magic Eyes. They’re no stranger to making monster / fantasy themed onaholes and this one gives you that feeling right away once your eyes lock onto it.

The box is pretty standard in size and shape. It has really pretty art and designs on it.

Once you open the box you’ll find the onahole wrapped in plastic and surrounded safely by a very pretty inner box lining structure. There’s also a single use packet of lube inside.

The onahole comes in at a hefty 415g (14.64 ounces) so it’s got a great weight to it for all the thrusting you’ll be doing into it to make sure it doesn’t fly off.

The onahole itself is a good size at 16 cm (6.3 inches) x 8.7 cm (3.42 inches) x 6.6 cm (2.6 inches) so even the more well endowed person will find this comfortable. What makes this onahole interesting is it’s the torso typle of onahole so you got not only the vaginal opening but a torso shape that includes breasts and belly button. The outside of the onahole has that Joan of Arc armor monster design which also provides a nice grip for some piston action. The material is soft and durable but as like any onahole with heavy use it could tear. Overall, a nice design that separates it from the rest.

As stated earlier, this onahole is the torso type onahole and so it gives a bit more realism to the “overall look” of a womans torso, including breasts and even a belly button. When you insert your member into it you even get a bulge in the stomach area. If you read ero doujin you would recognize that as a scene where the male member is so big in the female that it sticks out at the stomach or uterus area. That could be an additional turn on for some as it gives a pleasant sense of imagery to go along with the pleasure you get while you’re inside the onahole.

Although the onahole’s outside is nicely detailed with the torso design the vaginal area is a little lacking as it’s just a slit. I wish they’d put a little detail into it then it would have been perfect!

While it would be nice if there were more ribs or something similar at the entry way of the onahole, the tightness you immediately just a bit in will leave you in a bit of a shock, not quite the shock soldiers felt when seeing Joan on the battlefield but a shock nonetheless. You keep going deeper in and the tighter it gets, squeezing your member along the way and feeling each bump on the inside. It’ll give you the impression of the tightness of a well muscled Joan that wraps around you, although Joan actually died a virgin.

The problem with this onahole is cleaning it. While the slit is easy to enter with your member it’s not so easy to open to clean it without tearing it. Plus, you can’t turn it inside out to clean it that way either. With all the little bumps inside you want to make sure it’s very clean for each and every use.

Take on this monster onahole, the Monster Alraune La Pucelle, at otonaJP.

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