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Published on September 25th, 2020 | by Sean


Uterus Adulter – Review

Uterus Adulter – Review Sean



If you’ve read doujin or watched hentai then I’m sure you’ve come across the part in the story line where the MC male puts his member into the MC female. When that happens the point that makes the female feel the most ecstasy or when talks about how big the male’s member is when said member reaches the uterus in the female. Now you can live that storyline with the Uterus Adulter by A-One. You get to become the male MC who “mind breaks” the female into ecstasy with every “kiss” you give this onahole with your own tip of your member.

While uterus onaholes are not new, this one is special with the uterus hole which will give you a whole different and excellent experience compared to other. That coupled with the more “realistic” feeling of being inside a vagina with this specific onahole will leave you feeling pleasure beyond relief. It’s the combination of three different layers that will leave you feeling well wrapped around but still big enough to go full force at it.

The Uterus Adulter comes in a standard box though the art has been updated with an even sexier woman on the front. A-One really picked well when it came to this hentai artist. Such great curves on her and even the highlighting is done really well.

The onahole is 15.5 cm (6.1 inches) x 8 cm (3.15 inches) so it’s about average in size. While a large member may quickly penetrate the uterus there’s no problem with that as penetrating the uterus is the point of this onahole. With the sexy lotion provided with this onahole you’ll want to penetrate that uterus as much as you can to make yourself climax while thinking of making that sexy girl on the package climax as well every time you hit the womb. It comes in at a nice weight of 16.93 oz (1.06 lbs) so you’ll definitely feel the weight of it when it goes up and down.

The onahole comes in a standard sized box but with the a very sexy updated image on it like stated earlier. The onahole is wrapped in plastic and covered by a protective hard plastic shell. What’s really nice is the bottle of lube it comes with. Not only does it have the same sexy image on it as the cover it’s also an actual small bottle of lube, not like your regular small tube of one time use lube. Depending on how much lube you like to use this amount could last you for quite a few sessions with the Uterus Adulter.

Btw, A-One knows you’ll be needing more lotion with how many times you’ll be using this specific onahole. So while they do provide one 100ml sexy bottle of lotion with the onahole they also sell the lotion separately for when you need more. Trust me, you’ll need more.

The onahole has a nice flesh color to it. The outside is actually quite “puffy” I would say as the vagina and the “thighs” around it are quite big. What’s interesting about the outside of this onahole is there is also a belly button, a nice touch.

The material on this onahole is quite soft. So soft it might tear if you’re not careful. So while you’re having fun make sure you don’t go too crazy or parts may rip early on. At least at the great price this onahole goes for you won’t be out too much if it rips early. With some tender love and care you’ll make it last quite a bit.

I wish they made the onahole inside as pink as they did on the box to make it more realistic looking but that would have made the cost higher. Plus, who’s looking on the inside while you’re penetrating it to reach the uterus? Likely no one. It’s more for aesthetic reasons.

With the various nubs and bumps that lead up to hitting that special soft uterus you’ll feel good leading all the way up to the uterus. Depending on how big your member is that may be very fast but who doesn’t love feeling good on the way to the “goal?” With the three different layers that help to provide that vacuum effect while you’re moving up and down you’ll be feeling so good you won’t care about anything else at the moment. Then when you hit that uterus you hit the goal, over and over again. It does require some grip to go through though since the onahole is so soft.

With how many nubs and bumps there are and with the uterus itself the onahole is a little difficult to thoroughly clean. It can be done but to make sure it stays hygienic for the next use you’ll want to make sure to clean as much as you can.

So if you can be a bit more careful with this onahole and be sure to clean it well, the Uterus Adulter can be your next fun toy to enjoy quite a bit.

The Uterus Adulter is available at otonaJP.

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