Sex Dolls from Japan Review of Love Body Risa inflatable sex doll

Published on November 12th, 2015 | by Rubber Rod


Review of Love Body Risa doll

Review of Love Body Risa doll Rubber Rod

Summary: There's not much to this doll and I'm not talking about its lack of a head. The idea is better than the execution.


Below Average

Last week I reviewed the Love Body Risa V.I.P. Hole. This week I will be reviewing the Love Body Risa doll. Although the toys are designed for combined use they are actually sold separately and can be used alone or with other toys that fit the same mold. The doll is the third produced by the A-One company and according to all sources I have come across it is by far the most popular.

As logic would suggest the Love Body Risa doll comes in a larger box than an onahole but it is surprisingly light weight. I guess thick plastic doesn’t actually have much heft. The box has the same kind of decoration as the aforementioned hole. It features computer generated images of the fictional Risa character the toys are based on.

Inside the box the deflated doll is folded over many times and sealed in a clear plastic bag. Opening the box reveals a fairly strong smell reminiscent of a beach ball that unfortunately doesn’t seem to fade away much even with proper ventilation and heavy use.

Although the doll is not the size of an adult woman it still takes quite a lot of air to inflate. Even those with healthy lungs will find that it takes some time to blow it up. The toy and others like it are much easier to inflate with a plastic foot pump which is why most sex toy shops in Japan sell them. Unfortunately none of the many online shops selling Japanese sex toys seem to carry them. Thankfully other sites like Amazon do.

The toy is a little less than life size when fully inflated. It has a small hip and ass but rather large tits considering the size of the frame. The bust doesn’t do much in any event since they feel so artificial. Perhaps they would feel better if the doll was dressed with a shirt or bra but if I was looking for boob play I’d rather use the excellent Puru Puru Oppai Finale titty toy that made it on to my list of the ten best onaholes even though it is technically not a hole at all.

The Love Body Risa doll is made from a thick clear plastic that feels just like it smells. It is soft in some areas but a little sharp at the many seams. It is in a permanent doggy style position held up by its stump like legs. There is a hole in the proper place where an onahole can be placed. The onahole should be inserted before the doll is inflated. It is difficult to get it in once the doll is already blown up. Even deflated it can be a little tough to get an onahole inside of the doll due to the friction created when plastics are rubbed together. Adding a little lube to the outside of the hole helps to get it in easier and doesn’t seem to cause the hole to slide out later when the doll is full.

Review of Love Body Risa inflatable sex doll from Japan

When a hole is inserted into the doll, the pussy is made tighter and usually quieter due to the external pressure pushing down on it from all sides. For those who like their toys tight this could be an improvement but others could just as easily find things too tight for comfort. The tightness that makes it is tough to insert a hole into the doll in the first place can also make it tough to keep it there. With or without lube any onahole inserted into the doll seems to continually work its way out during play. That’s even true of the matching Risa hole that was designed precisely for use with this doll.

On top of that, the rubber smell the doll puts off on a seemingly constant basis take away from the experience of playing with it. Any kind of fantasy can be killed by the odor of totally artificial plastic. Even if the lack of a head, arms and lower legs doesn’t put someone off of this inflatable girlfriend the scent certainly could.

The doll and hole combo work best in the doggy position which the Love Body Risa seems to be designed for. Other positions are less enjoyable and can difficult or even impossible. If any lubrication gets on the users hands the experience can turn into something out of a Benny Hill comedy routine with the impossible to grip plastic doll flying all over the place.

When play time is finally over another pain emerges. An act as simple as deflating the doll takes more work than it probably should. The sort of air valve installed in the toy doesn’t let air escape unless it is squeezed. So the valve has to be squeezed with one hand while another hand pushes on the doll to force the air out. Trying to get this doll deflated in an emergency while someone knocks on the door would be a real problem!

Generally speaking this doll is an interesting thing to experience but nothing special or even particularly enjoyable. Maybe I’m missing something. While the Risa hole gets pretty low user reviews on ToyDemon this doll gets four stars out of five. I don’t know what they experienced that I didn’t. Since the doll requires so much work for such little reward I probably won’t ever find out. At least it’s not very expensive.

The Love Body Risa doll is available at Toy Demon. Kanojo Toys sells the hole together with the matching onahole.

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