OtonaJP is filled with freebies: A guide to getting free sex toys

free sex toys for men

In all my years using and writing about male sex toys, I never thought I find a place that is actually giving them away. If you read this site you already know that OtonaJP is a great place to buy onaholes. But I bet you didn’t know they actually give a lot of free sex toys. I didn’t know either until just recently.

OtonaJP has hidden these freebies all throughout their site. They expect people to happen upon them accidentally. That’s what I did. After I found one free sex toy, I made it my mission to find them all. I spent some time making a list of the freebies on their site and I think I have found them all.

This is no gimmick or scam. If you find a product at OtonaJP for 0 Yen it is totally free! The only restriction is that you are limited to one freebie per order. You can’t argue with that. Especially since they’ll even let you checkout with nothing more than the one freebie in your cart. In that case all you have to pay is shipping!

Here is a list of the free sex toys I have found on the OtonaJP website. If you find any others I missed, post a comment. I am pretty sure I discovered them all though. It was more fun than hunting for Pokemon.

White Paper of Amateur Real Fuck 1

Japanese sex toys have some interesting names. It usually results from the translation to English, but even in Japanese the title are far out. The only thing that can really compete are the titles of some of the Japanese adult videos I have seen over the years.

White Paper Amateur onahole

The White Paper onahole is based on the experience of sex with an amateur. Fuzoku is popular and plentiful in Japan, so a lot of guys get their sex from professionals. If they want to score with a regular woman but can’t get lucky they can fall back on toys like this.

The Amateur Real Fuck is a nice looking onahole. The box is even enough to get you going. A free onahole is always going to be a great onahole, because there is no price better than free. When this thing shows up at your door with no payment due, you are going to be glad you ordered.

Nuku Man

Just in case you thought OtonaJP was offering freebies to get rid of unwanted products, take a look at the Nuku Man. I haven’t tried out this onahole yet, but is has great user reviews. The accumulated star rating is over 4 out of 5 stars. Chances are it is pretty good.

Nuku man onahole

I have been surprised by unassuming toys like this before. Some of the best experiences I have ever had with male sex toys came from stuff I picked up on a whim or other products from companies I never even heard of. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The same goes for pocket pussies!

Many more free sex toys

I can’t go through every single sex toy I found in full detail. Plus, I might keep some up my sleeve to review in the future. I will give you the complete list though. This information is too good to keep to myself. The free sex toys I found on OtonaJP are:

That’s a lot of male sex toys and accessories! I have to admit that a few kind of freaked me out. The pee hole toy is especially scary. I am a little reticent about the butt plug too, but if I find a nice lady who wants to play with it in front of me I am sure my thoughts will quickly change.

Everything else intrigued me though. There’s a lot of stuff here that makes you think. The Japanese have to be the most creative people in the world when it comes to sex and sex toys. I don’t know if I’d have the guts to pull the trigger on all of it if I saw it in a store. But since it is free and being shipped discreetly to my house with no one knowing, I am definitely going to get adventurous and try out a lot of these toys.

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