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Published on July 20th, 2018 | by Rubber Rod


Review of SOD Long Vacation

Review of SOD Long Vacation Rubber Rod

Summary: This high quality lubricant lasts a long time. It coats the skin which is good both for wanking and playing with onaholes.


Great Buy

You can’t use onaholes without lubing them up. Well, maybe you could, but that would enter the realm of torture and this website is all about pleasure of the self-inflicted variety. Thus, I have reviewed several lubricants for use with onaholes on this website over the years.

One of the highest rated lubes ever reviewed here was SOD Creation Lotion. For whatever reason, sexual lubricants are often called “lotion” in Japan. SOD stands for Soft on Demand. Soft on Demand is one of the largest adult entertainment companies in Japan. It all comes together perfectly.

SOD Long Vacation Lotion, which I have also seen billed as “SOD Vacation Type Lotion,” is a good water based lubricant from SOD. It comes in the same kind of tube as other SOD lotions except that it is a sort of bright pink.

As with most SOD lubricants, the Vacation Type lube is quite good. It does differ from other SOD lotions however in more ways than the color of the bottle it is packaged in.

SOD Lotion Japan

First of all, SOD Long Vacation Lotion is super stringy. In fact it is the stringiest SOD lotion I have ever come across and maybe even the stringiest lube I have ever seen overall. You can stretch the stuff out almost as long as you’d like, though I don’t know why you would want to do that. Stringy lube can get messy if not handled correctly, but the stringiness is usually a result of a good viscosity.

SOD Long Vacation Lotion is clear as you would expect. It is probably much durable than you would expect however. A dab of this will really do you as you can use a single squirt for a serious stroking session. It’s good in an onahole too. It fills up the hole and stays there for the most part while you do what you have to do. It also coats your skill and prevents friction where it rubs up against the rubber.

I have no idea what Holidays or Vacations have to do with sexual lubricants but that doesn’t really matter. Long Vacation Lotion is thick and it lasts pretty much as long as you could want. It goes the distance and serves the purpose. What more could you really ask for?

SOD Long Vacation is available at Amazon.

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