Sexual Lubricant from Japan Review of Soft on Demand creation type lotion lubricant

Published on September 14th, 2016 | by Rubber Rod


Review of SOD Creation Lotion

Review of SOD Creation Lotion Rubber Rod

Summary: A wet and durable lubricant that stands the test of time. This is probably the best lube sold anywhere.


Great Buy

Many months ago I reviewed the Emotion Type Lotion by famed Japanese adult manufacture Soft on Demand. That lubricant received the highest score of any item reviewed on this site at the time. It remains the best reviewed product on the site today.

It would be tough to knock the Emotion Type Lotion from the top spot. I mainly review male sex toys on this site though I also review the associated items that they would be difficult to impossible to use without. While cleaners and onahole warmers aren’t required for a session with a male sex toy it would difficult to impossible to use an onahole without a bit of liquid love.

Besides its massive library of adult videos, Soft on Demand also manufacturers a whole range of toys and accessories. Its lubricants are perhaps the best known. The Emotion Type is only one variety. They make several others including the Creation lube under review here.

SOD’s Creation Type Lotion comes in the same sort of bottle as the Emotion Type lotion. The only difference is that the bottle is white and marked with a different product title. It is sealed in plastic in the same way and has the same sort of easy application top that works wonders with onaholes that have tiny openings. The people at Soft on Demand must really get into their work. Their lubricants come in bottles that can be easily opened and closed with one hand which is really useful when going at it with a plastic pussy, especially if a computer mouse is in the mix.

The packaging of any lubricant only helps to identify it and keep it in one place. What matters is the lubricant itself. Creation Lotion is watery and clear. It is not stringy like a nuru nuru lotion at all. Its more like a thick gel. The lube is more wet than dense. Despite this, it is not runny at all.

Creation Lotion lasts a long time. In fact it is probably one of the longest lasting lubricants in existence. A little squirt of this stuff can last through an entire session if things are done right. Somehow it manages to keep working without drying out, even when it is exposed to air.

I mention the air because SOD’s Creation Lotion is a great lubricant for a gold old fashion fap session. While it does work very well with toys of all sorts I think it really comes into its own when used to slide skin on skin. For those lucky enough to get lucky this lube works well. For those stuck fucking their hands it works well too.

A lot of male sex toys are inexpensive when considering what they can do and how long they can last. Some cost less than twenty dollars American. There are more expensive toys though along with hips and dolls that cost all kinds of money. A cheapskate could get away with one toy and work it for some time. An even cheaper skate could make a bottle of Creation Lotion last months.

That doesn’t mean guys with the means to buy a lot of toys should ignore this stuff. I mix up my free time with a variety of sex, masturbation and toy use. I find myself going to this lubricant for all three more than I reach for any other. It is probably my favorite of all the lubes available.

SOD Creation Lotion is available at Kanojo Toys.

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