Review of the Kupa Trip

kupa trip onahole

The Kupa Trip is a tight new onahole from the Magic Eyes Company out of Japan. It shouldn’t be hard to see that a number of Magic Holes products appear on this site. From the time the Onahole Review first went online, numerous products from the company have been reviewed one. One reason for that is the sheer number of Magic Eyes products on the market. Another is that most of the Magic Eyes products are quite good.

The Kupa Trip comes packed in a high quality box. Magic Eyes is well known for their great packages. The Kupa Trip box is in the same style as the packaging for the fantastic Mouth of Truth toy. But it does have slightly more decoration. It is a little more raunchy too. This isn’t the kind of thing you would want to leave sitting around the house if you live with anyone. But that is probably true of most hentai products from Japan.

Inside the box there is a plastic tray. That contains the onahole itself, which is 135 millimeters or about five and a half inches. The toy is made from a dense but light and airy black material. This kind of material seems to be getting more common as time goes on. That’s a good thing. It is unique and pleasurable to the touch.

The exterior of the toy is decorated with a sort of molded gear and sprocket work that looks like it comes out of the inside of a watch, or the clock tower in a Castlevania game. It looks pretty cool, but has little effect. It does provide more grip though, which can be useful when working with a hand covered in some Japanese lubricant.

The Kupa Trip is a dual layer toy. The interior is made up of a more sleek, dark pink material. It contains a nice tight love tunnel that is lined with all sorts of odds and ends. As the tunnel twists towards the back, there are countless little raised ridges that do very well at stimulating the user.

kupa trip fuck hole

The toy might appear to be a little on the short side. But it’s actually about normal for onaholes in this range. The material allows for a lot of stretch too. So the Kupa Trip can accommodate most moderately endowed men quite easily. Length doesn’t mean everything either. There are some very short toys that are wonderful for stimulating the head of the penis. And there are also very long toys like the Super Komeiki Long which just aren’t very good at all.

The small round entrance hole is easy to lubricate and to enter. Even though the interior canal is very tight, it stretches to fit. The toy is also easy to grip as stated above. You can go at it from any angle and get a pleasurable sensation. Since the thing is so well made and adaptable, you don’t have to worry much about breaking through the side or back either.

The toy is pretty easy to clean up, especially if you have the right tools for the job. It’s durable too. It should last quite a long time. The matte black material used on the outside doesn’t seem to break down or become sticky after use at all. This is really great, and even superior to some very expensive toys out there in terms of long term usability.

The Kupa Trip is available at OtonaJP.

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