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Published on February 7th, 2019 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi Kinchaku

Review of the Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi Kinchaku Rubber Rod

Summary: As usual, NPG delivers with yet another awesome Meiki onehole. This toy is as stimulating as it is realistic.


Great Buy

The Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi Kinchaku is one of the newest Meiki holes on the market. It was created by NPG, which is the company behind the Meiki series. These toys are known for being so real that some actually consider them “scary.” I’m not one to fear pussy though. So for me they are more like functional works of art.

As I pointed out in recent posts and in various other write ups over the years, NPG is one of the best adult toy manufacturers in the world. Their Maria Ozawa Hole is probably the most famous onahole in history. And that’s not only because the wonderful Miss Ozawa appears on the box.

A look at the way the Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi Kinchaku was created helps explain why NPG and their toys are so revered by onahole aficionados. The toy was modeled after the pussy of well known Japanese AV superstar Yuria Satomi. So far nothing special, right? Well look a little deeper and you find out that the modeling of her pussy was done by a plastic surgeon who works on making vaginas look better for a living! How could you get a more incredible simulation of a porn star’s vagina than that?

NPG Meiki onahole

The Yuria Satomi Meiki comes in a high quality box that is more plain than you might expect. It doesn’t have lots of colors or illustrations. But the look is classy and clear. There’s even a book like door that opens to an inside area that explains how the toy was made. A picture of the aforementioned physician appears there next to Satomi-chan.

Inside the box, the toy is packed in a foggy looking white bag. This bag is made of a good plastic that helps preserve the condition of the toy. It shows a commitment to the product and delivering a good thing to customers. This s the sort of stuff that makes Japanese sex toys so fantastic.

NPG Meiki yuria satomi

The toy itself has a pale skin-like pink color. It actually resembles the skin of a sexy Japanese woman like Satomi. It’s nice to the touch too. It’s very smooth and soft. You can almost forget you are actually holding a piece of artificial plastic. You forget even more once you are inside of this onahole!

The front of the hole has molded pussy lips that look a lot like the real thing, even though they are the same color as the rest of the toy. Between them there is a rather large round entrance hole. And that is exactly what you would expect from a mold of Yuria Satomi’s hole, considering she has done over 190 porn videos in her lifetime!

NPG Meiki yuria satomi

This Meiki is dual layer. So the inside is made of a different material than the outside. The interior of the hole is dark read and slick. The love tunnel is made up of all kinds of twists and turns. And the whole thing is lined with small ridges that help stimulate your penis. Truthfully though, it all blends in when the toy is in use. You don’t feel each and every line. Instead, you get an overall sensation of pleasure. It is a lot like being inside of a real Japanese pussy bareback.

Most high end onahole are dual layer. But some dual layer toys have a habit of falling apart. The layers separate from each other. NPG seems to have taken this into account. The exterior of this Meiki hold is molded around the interior. So it is sort of locked into place. There doesn’t seem any way it could pull apart. Which means the toy is durable despite being so soft. With proper cleaning and maintenance, it should stand the test of time.

The Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi Kinchaku is available at OtonaJP.

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