Male Sex Toys from Japan Review of the Maria Ozawa meiki ona hole

Published on September 17th, 2015 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Maria Ozawa Hole

Review of the Maria Ozawa Hole Rubber Rod

Summary: This realistic onahole is one of the most popular toys of all time for a reason.


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The Japanese “AV” or porn industry rakes in billions of dollars annually. Through the internet Japanese adult video has spread around the world though with few exceptions the people watching don’t generally recognize the people in the movies or follow their careers from one film release to the next.

As Japanese porn became increasingly exposed to the outside world in the 2000’s a handful of Japanese AV idols became to known to people in many countries. One of the earliest and most popular breakouts was Maria Ozawa, a lovely Japanese woman with a Candian father, incredible beauty and an even more incredible body. Maria eventually built up enough recognition to star in mainstream movies in other countries.

Of course Maria’s popularity wasn’t limited to the outside world. She would not have become so widely known in the first place if she wasn’t featuring in multiple Japanese porn releases. Taking advantage of the love so many men in Japan showed Ozawa-chan, the NPG companny sprung into action and released a realistic onahole modeled after Maria’s very own genitalia. That’s the subject under review today.

The Maria Ozawa Hole comes in nicely decorated box that is about double the size of a standard onahole package. It is covered with diagrams and pictures of Maria and the top is clear plastic to expose the front of the toy to people looking at the product in stores.

Inside the box a cardboard insert holds the toy in place. The toy is wrapped in a plastic bag. A small bottle of Maria Ozawa Lube is also provided along with a poster of Maria and details about the toy. The lube is meant to duplicate the natural fluids of Maria itself but that’s a subject for another post in the future.

The toy itself has some heft. It is very soft and incredibly sticky when you first touch it. Thankfully some of the stickiness goes away after using and washing the toy a few times so it’s a big problem. The onahole does have a minor rubbery smell but it is barely noticeable. That too seems to go away after some use.

Detailed review of Maria Ozawa fleshlight onahole

The front of the toy is modeled after Maria’s real vagina and comes complete with life sized pussy lips and a clit. The lips are the same color as the rest of the onahole. The toy is sealed in the back like most modern Japanese male sex toys. The opening in the front is very small but it’s easy enough to enter after applying some lubrication. It doesn’t make much noise either which is a selling point for people who plow their pocket pussies on the down low. The ridges on the outside of the toy serve to give you a decent grip on the toy which does help when you’re going at it.

Immediately inside the entrance there is a tight canal lined with small knobs that then goes into a twist. After that there is a ridge on top and a realistic g spot in the right location. After lubing the toy up fingering it feels about as close to touching the insides of a real vagina as it gets. The toy even holds heat which adds to the realism.

Using the toy straight up feels good and at certain times pretty intense. A lot of lube is needed probably because of the design and the material of the product but it’s worth it. Turning the toy upside down into “doggy style” position is even better and lets you feel the soft nobs against your unit. Turning sideways also produces a nice sensation which means that there are at least three different feelings that can be generated by this toy.

The toy is a little flimsy so it can be tough to hold on to even with the grips if you get too wild or experimental but there’s not problem when using it in a seated position. After applying a lot of lube and really doing it for some time the toy can produce some noise but it’s still limited and sounds more like real sex than a squeaky bath toy or anything like that.

Full review of Maria Ozawa onahole sex toy

A bigger worry is the possibility of ripping the toy or banging it too hard and breaking through the side. I haven’t experienced either problem but I’ve come close enough even on the initial try to realize that it is totally possible. The stickiness of the thing can also present a problem if you’re not careful. The smell isn’t great either but again it’s not too much of an issue.

The Maria Ozawa Hole really comes into its own when inserted into a love doll. When properly lubed and put inside of one of these dolls the toy is pretty damn close to the real thing. When used by hand it is very good but a little less realistic.

Thankfully the toy is easy to clean even though it has a closed end. Focusing a nozzle at the entrance can push water into the back and swirl it back out the front again so that only a little additional effort is needed to keep the thing clean. It is pretty long lasting and with some care the Ozawa Hole can be used for months or even years though I would replace any onahole after a certain amount of use.

Overall this hole is a great male masturbator. It is easy to see why this is one of the most popular and best selling onaholes of all time and it is not only because it is based on international sex star Maria Ozawa. That’s just an added bonus.

The Maria Ozawa Hole is available at OtonaJP.

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6 Responses to Review of the Maria Ozawa Hole

  1. Saria says:

    You are amazing Maria I love you I wanna be with you

  2. steve says:

    Is this meiki has uterus stinger at the end of the canal?

    • Rubber Rod says:

      Yes it does have a knob covered protrusion at the end of the canal.

      • steve says:

        Thanks for your reply.
        I bought this meiki twice, one has uterus stinger at the end of the canal, one does not have. Is this actually normal? Both of sellers claim they’re both genuine meiki from Japan. But to the best of my knowledge, meiki manufacturer hasn’t revised anything. Any thoughts or experiences?

        • Rubber Rod says:

          I only buy toys directly from major stores like Love Merci in Tokyo or order online from places like Toy Demon and Kanojo Toys. I have never received any fakes, though I know they exist. There could be some variation between toys, but I highly doubt there would be such a dramatic difference between two legitimate models.

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