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Review of the Puni Ana F onahole

Review of the Puni Ana F onahole Rubber Rod

Summary: EXE has done it again with this blowjob simulator. It is a very well made toy that is enjoyable to use. Yet the price is surprisingly low.


Great Buy

The Puni Ana F onahole is manufactured by the famed EXE company in Japan. EXE has created a lot of onaholes over the years. Several have already been reviewed on this site. The Puni Ana F onahole is a blowjob simulator. It can be hard to simulate a real blowjob with a piece of inanimate rubber, but companies like EXE are experts at the art of making onaholes.

The Puni Ana F comes in an average size box decorated by an anime style drawing. The 2D gal depicted on the box art is a blond with massive knockers who is apparently very hungry for some human sausage. At least that’s what her open and salivating mouth suggests to me.

The toy comes packed in a clear plastic bag. A metallic long tube of excellent lubricant is provided. There is enough there for a single go with the toy, but anyone looking for repeat use would want to bring along their own bottle of lube.

The outside of the toy is smooth and skin pink. It does not have a nose but it does have waiting lips. The lips are the same color as the outside of the toy. Inside of the mouth another layer is used. So the mouth is actually a darker pink color inside.

Puni Ana F blowjob

The inside of the Puni Ana F is crafted to be a lot like the mouth and throat of a real human woman. There is a small tongue just inside the mouth that moves around during use. Beyond that, there is a wormy sort of spot at the back of the throat and a tight compression chamber at the end. There are no teeth in the mouth of this toy. It’s not to scale of a real human head either. Otherwise though, it is pretty realistic.

Of course look and feel are two different things. There are toys that look very realistic but don’t feel like the real thing at all. On the other hand, there are toys that don’t look like any part of a human being at all that can create mind blowing orgasms. The Puni Ani F is a nice compromise in between the two extremes.

The pursed lips of the Puni Ani F are open and waiting for use. So it is very easy to lube up the toy. You would expect as much from a blowjob simulator as the mouth is typically a lot larger than any tight pussy hole.

blowjob onahole

The toy is as easy to enter as it is to lube up. It has a very welcoming feeling and you can quickly be inside feeling all of the various textures. Moving the toy around makes the tongue feel alive. It is surprisingly how close the experience can be to a real blowjob after just a bit of activity. Obviously the toy is different but in some ways it can even be better. No one ever got an STD from a new blowjob simulator out of the box. The same cannot be said by an unfortunate number of real women’s mouths.

The Puni Ani F is a dual layer toy as mentioned earlier. You can see the color of the second layer inside of the mouth and at the flat back of the outside. The layers are merged well and so any splitting apart of the two is unlikely. EXE is one of the big boys when it comes to onaholes in Japan. They’ve been around a while and they know how to make a good male sex toy.

With the Puni Ani F, the people at EXE have done it once again. This is a quality blowjob simulator in a small package that bring you a lot of pleasure at a very reasonable price. The toy is durable and easy to clean. You can expect it to bring you many months of fun.

The Puni Ani F is available at OtonaJP.

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