Review of the Perfect Kanzen Principle Evolution Platinum

perfect kanzen principle evidence platinum onahole

The Perfect Kanzen Principle Evolution Platinum by the A-One company builds on the past successes of the Perfect Kanzen Principle male masturbator series. I reviewed the Perfect Kanzen Principle Kai Miharu last year and named it a great buy. The Evolution toys are meant to take things to the next level and that is exactly what they do.

The Perfect Kanzen Principle Evolution Platinum is based on Japanese porn star Suzu Minamoto. It comes packed in a wide box that is covered in Kanji writing. Fitting to its long name, the toy is served up on a long plastic tray. It also comes with the standard small package of lubricant so that the thing can be used right out of the box.

The Evolution Platinum is striking in its physical uniqueness. While it is more or less of the same dimensions of any other full size onahole, the exterior is designed in a way that resembles offset sponge like squares. This appears to be odd at first examination but it’s actually pretty cool. It takes nothing away from the toy at all. In fact, it probably makes it easier to use since the Evolution Platinum can be gripped with one hand with no issue at all.

The toy has a thick and dense make up. The flesh colored soft rubber material used for the exterior of the toy is a bit jiggly. Another pussy pink material is used to line the inside of the toy. The front is larger than the rest of the unit and centered with a pair of molded lips that resemble the real thing in some detail.

In between the thin lips sits a small round hound. This entrance is quite tiny and is a little more difficult than most onaholes to lube up. Still, as I will go on to explain, the effort is more than worth it. Besides, if you have a good bottle of Japanese lube like Pepee Original Lotion with an applicator tip, the toy can easily be loaded up with the necessary wet stuff.

In some ways, the Perfect Kanzen Principle Evolution Platinum reminds me of toys like the Kiwami Zoukei Julia with its tight gripping vagina hole. In other ways though it is totally different. Basically this toy is in a world of its own and it really has to be tried to be properly understood.

Perfect Kanzen Principle Evolution Platinum review

The user needs to be properly lubed up to enter and fully enjoy this toy. Of course that only requires a few drops of lubricant and a stroke or two to cover and prepare the unit. Once that’s done, the only thing left is sliding in and enjoying everything this amazing male masturbator has to offer.

Inside, this Perfect Kanzen is loaded with thick raised lines and ridges. At the terminus of the love tunnel there are a series of round nobs that provide just the right amount of punch at the end of a long stroke.

Unlike some toys that are filled with all sorts of features that can’t really be felt, every aspect of the inner Perfect Kanzen Principle Evolution Platinum can be detected by the user. That’s true no matter how the toy is used.

The sensation created by the Principle Evolution Platinum reminds me of a sloppy blowjob with a lot of twisting hand. If the toy is used hard and fast it feels like an enthusiastic hummer. With slow strokes it is even more intense.

As indicated, this toy does require a hefty amount of lubrication to be properly enjoyed. But lube is relatively cheap and the Evolution Platinum feels fantastic so it’s no big deal.

If there are any downsides to the toy they would be that the twisting inner tunnel can be a bit difficult to clean and that the tiny entrance hole has a tendency to tear. Thankfully, an onahole cleaning apparatus can be picked up for just a few dollars and small rips around the entrance have no effect on the usability of the hole.

The Perfect Kanzen Principle Evolution Platinum is available at Toy Demon and Kanojo Toys.

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