The I love you forever! Onahole by Toys Heart – Review

After taking a little break for almost 3 weeks, it is time for another review today. Good thing that otonaJP send me the I love you forever! Onahole by Toys Heart. From looking at it, the theme here is very clear Loli themed and I can see this item perhaps causing issues at customs.

It also seems to be in the long lasting tradition of similar Onaholes that Toys Heart has released such as the Virgin Age Admission series, Transfer Student, Tight Innocent Pussy and so on. So lets see what the I love you forever! has ready for us.

This review item has been provided by and you can find the I love you forever! Onahole by Toys Heart here.

The Package and what is in it

The box of the I love you forever! Onahole by Toys Heart is standard sized Toys Heart. Regular buyers of Toys Heart products know what I mean ;) The masturbator itself comes in a blister and a small pouch of Onatsuyu lotion is included in it as well.

As mentioned above, the artwork is pretty much Loli themed and while I was lucky with customs, I can see it worrying people and perhaps it is better to have this removed if you live in an area with strict laws.

I mean it could be worse and perhaps I am overreacting here but better safe than sorry you know. Otherwise there is not much to say here except that the box of the I love you forever! Onahole is overall very colorful and pleasant to look at.

The Toy itself

The I love you forever! Onahole is surprisingly short at only 135mm (5.31in) but with a weight of only 240g (0.53lbs), I guess this is what is possible.

The overall material I feel is a bit on the harder side. I would not say Virgin Age Admission Hard level tuff but definitely not as stretchy and soft as some others. The built quality feels very solid and the I love you forever! masturbator is an Onahole that has only a single layer, which usually makes Onahole’s more durable.

Being an experienced user, I knew I had to lube her up pretty well to have an enjoyable experience. While I like tight holes, I am not too much of a sucker for painful experiences and so I thought to myself it is better to use too much than too less to make the I love you forever! all slippery.

The inside tunnel comes with a lot of bells and whistles for such a small device. While I could not insert myself all the way in due to the limited length, I felt that there were a variety of textures that played on my shaft and member and I enjoyed this feeling. Having a meaty and long hole to go hard at is a lot of fun but having a more particular and precise experience as I had with the I love you forever! Onahole, can also be a great experience. Turning and twisting it on my Dick, going slow and going fast, this is all a lot of fun and I found myself playing around with it a bunch.

However, if you have problems with cumming to fast at times, I think the I love you forever! Onahole by Toys Heart can be a challenge as it is quite intense due to the tight tunnel and overall firm material. Cleaning is pretty easy for an Onahole on the harder side and if you have some experience, you are done with it in a breeze. Really nothing to worry about.

My Resume

The I love you forever! Onahole is a typical Toys Heart masturbator I feel. Due to it being quite hard and intense, I would perhaps not buy it if you are an Onahole beginner but in general, also considering the quite low price point, you really can not go wrong here.

I am giving the I love you forever! Onahole a score of 75%.

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