The Nagisa Ikuno Nostalgy Onahole – Review

After reviewing the Nagina Ikuno Rouge Mouth blowjob masturbator last week, I got another one of the series to check out, the Nagisa Ikuno Nostalgy Onahole. Nagisa Ikuno is Virtual Idol in Japan and there are several masturbators based on her with the Nagisa Ikuno Nostalgy Onahole being the newest of the bunch as of the time of writing this review here.

I guess the overall theme is to meet Nagisa when she was young, thats why it is called Nostalgy? So are we in for a Virgin themed masturbator? I guess yes, when we look at the theme but to know how the Nagisa Ikuno Nostalgy Onahole actually holds up, we need to try it. Let’s get started with this.

This review item has been provided by and you can find the Nagisa Ikuno Nostalgy Onahole here.

Also a little side note about otonajp here. After me being absent for quite a while, they were the only ones responding to me when I reached out for sponsors and test samples to get back into the game of reviewing sex toys for men. Perhaps cause I have been inactive for quite long but I genuinely appreciate they are supporting

The Package and what is in it

The box of the Nagisa Ikuno Nostalgy Onahole is quite colorful and comes with a nice illustration of the young Nagisa Ikuno in addition to all the usual information you would expect there such as weight, size and informations about the manufacturer which for the Nagisa Ikuno series of masturbators simply seems to be the Nagisa Ikuno Project.

Opening up the box, there is a nice inlay with a message on it that wraps the Onahole. It could almost function as a kind of display background or something, not bad for fans of her. We also get a bottle, not pouch, of lubricant. I felt that it has a slight scent to it, so it definitely is nice than your standard lube if you are into this.

And thats already about it, Onahole and lube basicially.

The Toy itself

The Nagisa Ikuno Nostalgy masturbator comes in a white color and looks a lot more pale than most Onaholes. The weight with 530g (1.17lbs) is not bad and the measurements are 160mm (6.3in) in length and 75mm (2.95in) in width. Overall not too bad.

I felt the Nagisa Ikuno Nostalgy masturbator to be very soft, actually softer than I expected. Holding it in your hand feels very fluffy and it was not so easy to get a good grip on it. The overall look of the Nagisa Ikuno Nostalgy is modeled after her torso. You can see a small belly button and tiny breasts, or more so, her nipples but overall just for the looks and nothing to write home about.

Her entrance is also nicely modeled and I had no difficulty to get in, even with a moderate amount of lubricant. I felt that the inside has been designed in a way that does not offer a too intense stimulation. While this may be a good thing if you are usually having problems with coming to quick, if you are rock hard and really need some intense action, then I recommend choosing another toy.

I found the Nagisa Ikuno Nostalgy masturbator to be very good for slower sessions and I can imagine that, as mentioned above, people who have problems coming to quick will really enjoy and appreciate it. This would also make the Nagisa Ikuno Nostalgy Onahole a great toy for people who are new to masturbating with toys.

Due to the overall softness, cleaning is not too difficult. While I would not turn it inside out (something I would generally not do with any Onaholes or masturbators), flushing all of your belongings out after you shoot your jizz inside it, really is easy and very much appreciated.

My Resume

For fans of Nagisa Ikuno I would say that the Nagisa Ikuno Nostalgy Onahole is a no brainer. It is of decent quality and definitely not just a cash grab off the Nagisa license. For everyone else I would say that there are better toys outside but getting the Nagisa Ikuno Nostalgy masturbator will not disappoint you if you can live with the mild to moderate stimulation it offers.

I am giving the Nagisa Ikuno Nostalgy Onahole a score of 70%.

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