Alchemist’s Atelier Onahole by Toys Heart Review

Alchemist's Atelier Onahole
Alchemist's Atelier Onahole

Ever wanted to blast your natural elements inside some sweet young alchemist pussy and attempt to concoct gold? Maybe it’s something you’d never even thought of previously, but now that it’s in your head, you are rather intrigued, right?

Well, the ingenious people at Toys Heart – the adult toymakers – have now made an alchemist-themed male masturbator called Alchemist’s Atelier – onahole.

Alchemist's Atelier Onahole
The Alchemist’s Atelier Onahole by Toys Heart

This pocket pussy is based on a famous Japanese game series called Atelier, which has many additions on various consoles.

The Atelier game is RPG based in which you play the role of a master Alchemist who collects and combines different ingredients to make more exceptional items.

This is obviously a parody onahole of the game series (not a real licence). But the effort Toys Heart have put into making this male masturbator is astounding with some great artwork and box designs. 

Alchemist's Atelier Onahole
Great Box Design

The box features a sexy young alchemist girl holding various chemicals in her lab. The cover opens up almost like an ancient set of instructions, and inside you’ll find alchemist like designs with references to the elements; earth, wind, fire, water.

Inside one of the multiple covers is a unique illustration of the onahole, which shows its inner tunnel in the manner of an ancient scroll.

Alchemist's Atelier Onahole
An Alchemist’s Masturbation Plans

As mentioned previously, the attention to detail and commitment to the theme is marvellous. The packaging is excellent and will appeal to any fans of the game or the RPG genre.

The 120ml of included “Rosemary Lotion” (lubricant) is a nice touch, and the lubricant itself is of good quality and should provide you with quite a few uses if used sparingly. 

Alchemist's Atelier Onahole
The Magic Alchemist Onahole And “Rosemary Lotion” Lubricant

I’m happy to say that the actual onahole is quite good too, although the outer design is fairly simple, with a pink skin tone and smooth texture.

The Atelier’s inner tunnel is quite striking visually and looks nothing remotely like the insides of an actual vagina, but it looks fun nonetheless. The entrance tunnel is quite tight.

The inner tube consists of a series of different sized chambers with several protruding ribs and nubs that combine to provide a lot of stimulation. The end chamber is quite big and is a great place to store your magical wad donations.

Alchemist's Atelier Onahole

Who knew that an alchemist’s pussy was so complex? Must be a big part of their magical concocting powers.

The only negative thing I have to say about this sex toy is that it is a little short. Even an average-sized penis would struggle to get deep inside. If you are well endowed, you have no chance, and this alchemist will not accept your full depth, unfortunately. The part of the penis that you can get in, however, will feel great. 

The Alchemist’s Atelier is an onahole that aims to convert an ordinary droopy rod, into a rock hard magical staff that fires wads of milky substance. Great for Atelier game series fans, and regular assisted-masturbation practitioners alike.

The Alchemist’s Atelier Onahole is available at Otonajp.

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