Akuma no Wareme; Devil’s Crack Onahole Review

Akuma no Wareme; Devil's Crack Onahole Review

Halloween. A time where it’s acceptable for children to talk to strangers and eat too much sugar. A time for us guys to happily dress like total tits. And a time for the ladies to freely thot-it-up in slutty looking witches and (insert whatever female character happens to be popular at the time) costumes without fear of judgement. 

Japan is a bit behind the west in celebrating Halloween and it’s only within the last decade or so that it has started to get more popular.

It’s a little different there; Trick-or-treating and other traditions are not really a thing, and the focus is more on the costumes and getting drunk. Ok, maybe not so different then. 

One thing that is similar to the west though is the commercialization aspect. The opportunity for manufacturers, retailers and marketers to use Halloween to push sales of products and services. 

One such Japanese company that is taking advantage of this opportunity in our lovely little world of rubber pussies is the ever-creative Magic Eyes

Akuma no Wareme; Devil's Crack Onahole Review
Akuma no Wareme; Devil’s Crack Onahole by Magic Eyes

And so, that rather lengthy introduction was just to lead us to their new Onahole that has just been released in time for Halloween – The Akuma no Wareme – Devil’s Crack.

Akuma is ‘demon’ or ‘devil’ in Japanese, and Wareme is ‘crack’ or ‘split’, but also used as slang for ‘vagina’. So essentially what we have here is a demon vagina, which, ironically, is how I refer to my ex-girlfriend. 

Akuma no Wareme; Devil's Crack Onahole Review
A Demon Goth Girl

Magic Eyes put out some of the best onahole boxes in the business and this one is no different. It has a nice Halloweeny theme with deep reds and blacks and a silhouette of a city skyline with lots of bats. 

The character is a young goth-looking demon girl who has bat wings and ram horns on her head. I guess she’s the demon with the vagina that this toy is based upon. The artwork is nice.

Akuma no Wareme; Devil's Crack Onahole by Magic Eyes

Inside the box, you’ll find the toy and the usual small pack of lubricant. 

Akuma no Wareme; Devil's Crack Onahole by Magic Eyes Review

The toy itself is one of the oddest looking onaholes I have seen up until now. The main fuckable part is the usual soft skin-like pink. But the Devil’s Crack also features a dark red handle type thing that Magic Eyes call a “vacuum piston” and “flexible tail” which is the main gimmick of this toy. 

Akuma no Wareme; Devil's Crack Onahole by Magic Eyes Review

This absurd ribbed handle is meant to make the experience of using this onahole unique and customizable by distorting and misshaping the inner tunnel, which adds additional stimulation to your cock. 

The Devil’s Crack has some decent weight to it at about 430 grams and it’s super soft and squeezy due to the inside structure being mostly hollow. It is lightly powdered for protection, and mine had a slight smell to it but nothing too bad. 

The toy’s entrance hole is found nestled between the petite and soft lips. 

Devil's Crack Onahole Review

Before entering, you are supposed to pull the handle out a little which forces the air out of the tunnel and creates a vacuum effect. When you pull it, the onahole makes a little sound as the air comes out which sounds very similar to an actual pussy fart which is nice.

Placing your penis inside this demon vagina feels good. The vacuum piston handle thing allows you to do all sorts of things while you’re inside to alter the sensations to your shaft. 

Devil's Crack Onahole Review

Twisting and pulling the handle allow allows you to manipulate the inner tunnel around your cock to experience different sensations and explore the inner walls thoroughly. You can even leave you your member inside of the tunnel and just pull the handle for something a little different. 

There is a little move that Magic Eyes call the “double tornado” where you can twist the tunnel around and make the tunnel wrap tighter – which, with the already snug tube, gives a nice sensation.  

At the end of the inner tunnel, there is a small chamber which helps create the vacuum and also provides a nice little place to store you love custard when you finish inside. 

The only problem is I was a little fearful of twisting the handle too much, as it seems a little fragile at the end (where the handle and tube connects). This may cause trouble in the future if you use this toy a lot with all the pulling and twisting. 

Devil's Crack Onahole Review

As great as the handle is for adding stimulation and allowing you to tailor the experience, it is also this toys weak point in terms of long-term durability.

Still, this toy ain’t too expensive considering the unusual design. It’s less than $28 (with otonaJP at time of writing) so it’s a mid-range option.

So yeah. In conclusion, this toy is pretty awesome with its unique design and amazing stimulation potential. But it’s not going to provide you with many uses unless you take it easy with the handle, but that kind of defeats the point of this toy, doesn’t it? 

The Akuma no Wareme – Devil’s Crack Onahole is available at otonaJP.

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