Great News For Onahole Fans in Europe

Otonajp Onahole Europe Warehouse
Otonajp Onahole Europe Warehouse

Otonajp recently contacted me to share the exciting news about their new warehouse opening in Europe (Germany). They are, quite understandably, excited by the benefits they can now offer their European customers.

If you’re a frequent onahole purchaser who resides in Europe, you should be excited too!

Otonajp is now four years old (they recently had a birthday), and until now, they had been operating solely out of Japan. There were many positives to them being in Japan, such as prompt access to new products, the capability to offer lower prices, and their Japanese language skills that enable them to describe the products they are offering.

But, there were also negatives to them operating out of Japan; the foremost being higher shipping costs and the potential customs issues.

There was a possibility that your packages could be checked at customs; which was troublesome if the items featured lewd question-raising illustrations, as is the norm with Japanese adult products.

So, props to Otonajp for addressing these issues and offering alternatives to make things easier.

Otonajp Onahole Europe Warehouse
Otonajp is now shipping from Europe!

So, let’s see what benefits the new European warehouse will bring customers in Europe.

The Prices 

First, the prices. Otonajp has always had low prices, even without the 10% discount they offer for all new arrivals.

The leading provider of onaholes in Europe is currently Motsu Toys. While they also offer low prices, they’re not quite as low as Otonajp’s. I guess this is because they are not based in Japan and have to cover costs such as taxes, shipping etc.   

Now, with direct competition from Otonajp in Europe, there may be a battle between the two for who can offer the lowest prices. And to be honest, as Otonajp are based in Japan, I doubt they will be beaten in this department. 

Currently, Mouth of Truth Series Onaholes by Magic Eyes are selling for €39.95 with Mostu Toys, while Otonajp is offering them for just €30.29 on their European store. 

No Customs Checks

Because Otoanjp can now ship to European customers directly from within Europe, you can now avoid unnecessary customs checks. No more worrying if your order will be stopped at customs or if you’ll need to go in and explain yourself like a naughty little child being called into the principal’s office at school.

Also, Otonajp’s useful package removal service is now more of a preference rather than a necessity for customs. Great if you’re a fan of the awesome artwork that is featured on many Japanese adult toy packagings. Sometimes, the artwork is one of the best things!

No Customs Taxes/Fees and Lower Delivery Costs

As your orders are now shipped directly to you from a European warehouse, you will no longer have to pay customs import fees. Also, delivery costs are cheaper than shipping from Japan. 

Quicker Shipping Times

Obviously, with the European warehouse now operating, onahole buyers in Europe will receive their orders much quicker. Due to fewer customs procedures and some items being stocked in their European warehouse, you’ll now only have to wait around 2-3 days for your orders to ship. Great news if you don’t like waiting for things.

As you can see, Otonajp opening up a European branch will profit onahole enthusiasts as well as first-time buyers in Europe, and in turn, benefit the worldwide community.

Otonajp in Europe!

P.S. While Otonajp is sometimes a paid sponsor of this blog in return for reviews, we genuinely believe in them and what they offer. In the four years that they have been operating, many other Japanese adult toy sellers have come and gone leaving customers frustrated.

Selling Japanese products to a foreign market is a tough business, but Otonajp is one of the few who have been consistent; while always actively looking at ways they can improve their service. Even without their support, we would have good things to say about them.

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