Chibiman Hard Onahole Review

The Chibiman Hard Onahole is a virgin-loli themed male masturbator and a collaborative effort between two of the major players in the onahole world, Ride Japan and Magic Eyes. It is, as the name suggests, the hard-type edition of the popular Chibiman Onahole

Chibiman Hard Onahole by Ride Japan & Magic Eyes

“Chibi” is a Japanese slang word used to refer to a short or young person, either affectionately or rudely depending on the intention, sort of like “midget” or “shorty” or in English – and “man” is a more vulgar slang word for pussy. So, yeah, you can work out what the name Chibiman means. 

The Chibiman Hard Onahole comes in a nicely designed box featuring artwork of a cute lolita schoolgirl in her uniform. It’s the same girl that appears on the box of the original Chibiman toy, but she’s wearing a different coloured uniform on this one and there is a different background and colour scheme. It’s nicely designed, with good fonts and colours, making it a nice addition to any box collection. 

Within the box, the toy comes in a plastic bag and accompanied by a small pack of Magic Eyes standard lubricant. 

The onahole itself is made up of a clear translucent material and it is made from a single layer, so there are no contrasting colours inside. The original Chibiman Onahole was a light pink colour, so considering both toys are similarly sized and shaped, this is the only real visual difference on the exterior. 

As you’d probably expect, being the hard version, the material is quite firm and springy. Some people, myself included, prefer these harder type toys as they usually give a firmer and often more stimulating experience. Not to say that the soft toys don’t provide great situation, or have their uses either though – just that, usually, the hard toys do things better. Perhaps it’s because I’m a horny degenerate though that wants to cum as quickly and strongly as possible each and every time – I do enjoy slower-paced sessions, but only occasionally. Anyway…

The Chibiman Hard features a rather unusual exterior design. I don’t even know what it’s meant to resemble – it just has a strange design and shape with random bumps and moulds. Quite how it relates to the lolita virgin theme, I have no idea. The only thing that is clear and theme fitting are the set of pussy lips surrounding the entrance, but even they are pretty basic. The visual appeal of this onahole is not its strong point.

The shape of the Chibiman Hard and its bumped design does make it rather easy to hold and use, at least. It’s a small toy (about 14cms in length), so it is extremely portable, simple to use with one hand, and easy to store or hide if required. 

The vaginal tunnel of this loli-themed consists of a three-point design – and it is definitely the strong point of this stimulating onahole. The entrance point is a fairly small simple circle, and as you push past it, you’re instantly met by “pointy 1” which is an assortment of thick nubs protruding from every angle. They’re all quite compactly sitting in there and provide a pleasing gripping and stroking sensation right from the go. 

“Point 2” of the inner tunnel is the most simple of the three, with a meandering snug tube with textured walls. This sections also feels very good. 

And finally, “Point 3” is a round chamber right at the very end that serves to purposes; stimulating the head of your penis at the end of each deep stroke, and applying a strong suction throughout the tunnel keeping everything tightly gripped around you. 

The combination of the firm “hard” material, the three tight three-point tunnel design, and the strong vacuum suction all result in a very stimulating experience. If you prefer more stimulating toys that can get you off quickly with strong finishes, then this onahole is definitely that. 

The onahole exterior design is rather strange and random, but, I presume, the real reason most of us buy onaholes is for the masturbation experience. Who cares about the looks when the orgasms are great?

The experience that the Chibiman Hard provides is one of the best you’ll find amongst regular handheld onaholes. Ride and Magic Eyes are also well known for their premium materials and long-lasting toys and this one is no different. The build quality is top-notch, and the materials feel strong and sturdy. The only thing negative I can say about it is that it is a little short, and the firmer materials will make it hard to stretch to accommodate longer penises. But the majority of you penis, and the most important part, will be sufficiently pleasured by this tight lolita pussy and will no doubt still lead you to amazing finishes even if you are on the more well-endowed end of the penis size spectrum.

The Chibiman Hard Onahole is available at otonaJP (affiliate link).

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