Maga Kore Samishi Onanoko – Lonely Virgin Onahole Review

The Maga Kore Samishi Onanoko – Lonely Virgin is a shapely new mini-torso Onahole by Maga Kore who are a lesser-known toy maker out of Japan. Maga Kore base their toys on hentai doujin, and their most ambitious and successful masturbator toy to date is undoubtedly the Magakore 7zu7 Watashi no oshiri ni sign wo kudasai which is a large hip toy, themed on popular hentai manga Watashi no Maru Maru ni Sign wo Kudasai.

Maga Kore Samishi Onanoko – Lonely Virgin Onahole by Maga Kore

The Maga Kore Samishi Onanoko – Lonely Virgin Onahole is based on the doujin Amaku – Sasayakisaku by 7zu7. It comes in a superb box featuring an illustration of a sexy female character with large breasts.  

Aside from the nice artwork, the box also features a visually-appealing combination of colours and fonts. Box collectors and fans of the doujin will be happy with this one. Inside the box, there is a plastic bag containing the onahole itself, which is 15 cms or 5.9 inches in length. It weighs about 400 grams. 

The toy is quite firm and definitely more on the harder side for onaholes. It has a springy, bouncy feel. It feels quite nice to touch and squeeze. 

Thee exterior of the toy is moulded into the shape of a toned female torso with a slight hourglass shape. It’s has a strange look though, and not exactly a torso due to the lack of a tummy and breasts. There are a nice plump pussy and petite lips though and also ass cheeks on the underside which are nice to look at. The shape makes it quite easy to hold and handle, and it fits in one hand nicely.

The Maga Kore Samishi Onanoko – Lonely Virgin Onahole is a dual-layer toy. While the exterior is made up of a skin-coloured light pink material, the inner tunnel’s material is a darker reddish colour. It features a nice snug, meandering love tunnel that is veiled in various sized ribs throughout. The tunnel gets tighter as you push in deeper towards the end where the end part squeezes the tip of your penis. The combination of the meandering tube together with the ribs, tight tunnel and a fairly strong vacuum suction does a good job of pleasuring you. 

This onahole appears to be short upon first looks, and it is, but that’s fairly common amongst onaholes. The magic with these awesome masturbation toys lays in the stretchy and flexible materials that stretch to accommodate a longer length while also squeezing tighter as they do so, leading to even more stimulation. It will sufficiently stretch to accommodate most moderately sized men quite easily. Even if you can’t get the toy stretch enough to fit your whole length inside, the inner tunnel does a splendid job of pleasuring the head of your penis.

The tunnel is also detailed and varied enough to provide a different sensation depending on what angle you enter it from. Flipping the toy over and taking her doggy style provides a different feeling that feels good and is a nice to ix it up a little.

The small slit that makes up the entrance hole makes the toy easy to lubricate and penetrate. Cleaning is also fairly easy – just slip a finger inside and swirl and scrape out your deposits while rinsing under warm water. The outer material doesn’t get too sticky after use meaning it can be kept clean and appealing.

The toy is well made and the materials seem very durable. I have had no problems with mine as of yet after multiple uses. This is an important factor in any toy as you can confidently use and enjoy it if it is durable and sturdy – which is great if you want a faster, harder session with big deep strokes. It will last a fairly long time providing you take sufficient care of it and store it in a dry place with a moderate temperature. 

The Maga Kore Samishi Onanoko – Lonely Virgin Onahole is also nicely priced, which is great considering it’s officially themed on a popular doujin and features artwork by the same artist. And the fact that actually delivers a nice stimulation in a durable and easy to maintain form makes it a superb choice.  

The Maga Kore Samishi Onanoko – Lonely Virgin Onahole is available at otonaJP (affiliate link).

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