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Published on July 6th, 2016 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the JK@18

Review of the JK@18 Rubber Rod

Summary: This toy is soft and would be pretty easy to break with heavy use but it provides a great feeling when handled with care.


Good Buy

The JK@18 by Ride Japan is a very unique onahole. The toy is supposed to be based on an eighteen year old school girl. That in itself isn’t really out of the norm but the physical features of the toy set it apart from most other Japanese male sex toys.

Unfortunately, a lot of sex toys use themes only as a way to sell products. So a picture of a sexy woman is thrown on the box even though she has nothing to do with the toy. That’s not the case here. The JK@18 actually follows the theme it is based on.

The idea behind the toy is that the school girl in question is sitting with her legs spread and her pussy open. So the lips molded on to the toy are spread apart unlike a lot of the others that have them very close together. At the same time the toy is supposed to be similar to a woman who has only recently lost her virginity so the inner hole is actually very tight.

The JK@18 comes packaged in a small box covered with an illustration of a coy student with her legs spread. The toy is also on the small side though it can definitely accommodate normal sized men. A small container of lubricant is also included.

The JK@18 is pink in color and it has a malleable feel that makes it almost seem to be made out of something like Play-doh. In fact the toy is made out of a nice soft material and is actually pretty high quality.

The soft toy has a sort of fine powdery covering when it first comes out of the box but this quickly goes away. The toy is flimsy though in a good way that contributes to the overall experience.

The front of the toy is larger than the small tube like body that makes up the rest of it. The sides of the toy carry sections with raised textures that aid in gripping the JK@18 when in use.

JK@18 male sex toy from Japan

As mentioned the toy has soft spread lips in the front. These surround a small round entrance hole. Immediately inside there is a canal that quickly constricts before ending in a round reservoir type section. Like most high quality male sex toys the toy is only open on one end.

Because of its open design the toy is incredibly easy to lubricate. It is also easy to enter thanks to its soft texture and accommodating design. The toy is excellent when used as a sort of “knob polisher.” Focusing on the head with short quick strokes is the way to go. The toy does provide good feelings with deeper, slower and longer strokes but that doesn’t match with the shallow quick approach.

The size and makeup of the toy must also be considered. The short and soft toy can pretty easily be damaged by overly vigorous use. It wouldn’t take much in the way of strong thrusting or stroking to poke a hole through the side or end of the toy. Normally this would be a pretty big downside but the JK@18 works so well as a head simulator that its fragility when it comes to other modes of use can be overlooked.

The toy works best with really thick viscous lubricants like SOD Lotion Emotion Type in the red tube. More wet or watery lubricants also work but tend to leak out and make a mess due to the toys short size and open front.

On the plus side the short size of the toy and the shallow hole that it contains make it incredibly easy to clean. The soft material also helps and surprisingly doesn’t pick up much lint or other dirt in between uses. All in all, the JK@18 is surprisingly nice for a toy with such a low price tag.

The JK@18 is available at OtonaJP.

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