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Published on December 6th, 2019 | by Horny Harry


Gokusen-Aiki Ayami Shunka Review

Gokusen-Aiki Ayami Shunka Review Horny Harry

Summary: A mini torso onahole based on sexy JAV star Ayami Shunka that packs a pleasurable punch


Mini Torso

The Gokusen-Aiki Ayami Shunka is a mini torso male masturbator by Enjoy Toys who aren’t a toy manufacturer with a huge back catalogue, but they have released a few noteworthy onaholes recently such as the Extreme Blowjob Ayami Shunka and the unique yet intriguing Sugoman Musume.

Enjoy Toys seem to be upping their onahole game and they’re making a big statement with this torso based on sexy JAV star, Ayami Shunka. Featuring a torso design with the same shape as Ayami, but obviously a much smaller version, it’s actually well made and looks good, which can’t have been easy to accomplish. It’s similar in size, shape, weight and price of the Internal Structure of a Moe Body / Kaitai Shinsho by Magic Eyes except it also has legs and feet. 

Gokusen-Aiki Ayami Shunka by Enjoy Toys Japan

The toy comes packed in a large box featuring images of Ayami. Inside the box, the toy comes packaged in a plastic tray accompanied by a pack of lubricant and also a nice poster of Ayami. I think the poster you get is a kind of lucky dip from 10 different ones. 

Gokusen-Aiki Ayami Shunka - Onahole Review

The Gokusen-Aiki Ayami Shunka weighs a sturdy 2kgs and is a little over 30cms tall and 20cms wide. So it’s quite a big toy and two hands are needed to handle it unless you just plan on dragging it around by the foot like some kind of onahole loving caveman. 

The toy is skin-coloured and soft to touch. It has some wobble to it and it that you can witness if you shake it a little. Of course, I also tested to see if the boobs jiggle and I’m happy to report that they do. The boobs are not huge but ample enough to enjoy and play around with. The ass cheeks are nice, round and good for squeezing too. 

This toy only features a penetrable vaginal passage and no anal. It’s quite big, but not big enough for two tunnels, so Enjoy Toys focused on the one here, which is fine with me because it’s quite good. 

This onahole has a big camel toe surrounding the vaginal passage and some plump protruding lips which are soft to touch. While the tunnel is quite tight the vaginal slit is wide enough to get inside and with a little finger action, it isn’t too difficult to lube up. 

The toy is dual-layered so the inside of the vaginal tunnel is made up of a different material to the outside. This inner material is a darker pink and is super soft and fleshy and made up of various nubs ridges and chambers all designed for providing penis pleasure. The end of the tunnel features a slightly tighter chamber that provides some varied stimulation and a nice sensation the head of your penis. 

Gokusen-Aiki Ayami Shunka Review

The tunnel is quite pleasurable and the weight and shape of the toy add to the experience. The legs and shape of the toy allow it to be used in various positions such as missionary, cowgirl, doggystyle etc. It’s definitely fun and playing with Ayami’s scaled-down body is great.

The only downside to this toy is that the legs are likely to wear and tear in future if you’re not careful. The legs are constantly wobbling around as you move the toy and that can’t be good for longevity. Aside from that, the toy is good fun and will provide you with some pleasurable miniature porn star sessions.

The Gokusen-Aiki Ayami Shunka Mini Torso Onahole is available at otonaJP. (affiliate link)

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