Seriously Reproduced AV Star Fukada Eimi – Whole Body Hole Review

The Seriously Reproduced AV Star Fukada Eimi – Whole Body Hole is a weighty mini-torso male masturbator by EXE. It doesn’t have an arm or a leg, but it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either, fortunately.

As you can probably tell by the name, it is based on the current hottest and one of the most popular girls in the world of Japanese porn, Eimi Fukada. 

Seriously Reproduced AV Star Fukada Eimi – Whole Body Hole by EXE

I don’t think I’ve ever tried toy by EXE that wasn’t good, and this Eimi Fukasda Whole Body Hole is no exception. The best thing about EXE’s porn star replica toys is that they take scans and measurements of the JAV star the toy is based upon and make the shapes and sizes as proportionate as possible, which results in some curvy and sexy-looking onaholes. Who doesn’t want a miniature porn star body to enjoy when and wherever you like? 

The skin colour of the Seriously Reproduced AV Star Fukada Eimi – Whole Body Hole is about as accurate you can get on a silicone toy too, and it’s especially quite close to Eimi’s light skin complexion. 

The material is nice with a soft and supple feel that nicely stretches to accommodate you while also providing some flesh-like substance to squeeze and grope. The only negative thing I have to say regarding the materials is that it is a little sticky and has a tendency to collect dust and fluff. I’d recommend keeping it off lint-heavy fabrics and store it appropriately in a bag or something. Aside from that, the material quality and structure are solid. 

Eimi’s pussy is sadly a little basic looking on this toy. I guess the didn’t bother scanning and measuring her pussy, probably because it is hard to recreate on a small scale like this. There are two small flaps though that somewhat resemble pussy lips, so it’s not all bad I suppose. 

The entrance hole is a small narrow, vertical slit. The toy is a single-layer material structure so the inner tunnel is made from the same material as the rest of the toy. As that material is nice and soft though, it’s good enough, and usually, these single layer toys are much more durable and longer-lasting than their dual or triple-layer counterparts. 

The inner tunnel design of this onahole is quite complex and very fun when inside. The first half is just a load of thick bumps protruding from every direction. The second half features a tight tube with various flaps, chambers, folds and bumpy textures all around. The result of all this tunnel design along with the strong vacuum suction amounts to a very nice level of simulation. As I mentioned previously, EXE toys are usually pretty good in terms of build quality and stimulation, and this one is too. 

The fact that it’s a mini torso shape means you can enjoy Eimi’s body and pussy from the front and the back, which results in a slightly different penetration experience due to the shapes and angles of the inner tunnel. It’s just under half a kilogram in weight too (490g), so there is plenty of Eimi-shaped mass to bounce up and down on your dick. It really is fun, and if you enjoy a bit of visual stimulation, like myself, these mini torso type toys can make a lot of difference to the overall experience of the onahole.

Although the Seriously Reproduced AV Star Fukada Eimi – Whole Body Hole is a medium-sized toy (for a handheld onahole) and it’s officially based on a real JAV star, it’s actually available for a decent price. You can get it for about $35 (at time of writing with otonaJP) – (knocked down form a $52 RRP price). That’s a bargain in my opinion – a great feeling onahole, based on a real porn star, with a high level of durability. It should provide many hours of pleasurable Eimi-themed stimulation if you maintain it well. Whether you’re a fan of Eimi or not (and I guess if you’re reading this, you are), this is a pretty decent toy.

The Seriously Reproduced AV Star Fukada Eimi – Whole Body Hole is available at otonaJP

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