Seriously Reproduced AV Star JULIA: Whole Body Hole Review

The Seriously Reproduced AV Star JULIA: Whole Body Hole is a new male masturbator by EXE, and one of the many from Japan based on Japanese porn stars. 

Seriously Reproduced AV Star JULIA: Whole Body Hole

This one is based on JULIA who is undoubtedly one of the most famous Japanese adult actresses. JULIA has now been in the industry for many years and has many successful titles behind her, making her a household name among Japanese AV fans. There are quite a few toys based on her, from handheld onaholes to life-size torsos modelled on her body.

The Seriously Reproduced AV Star JULIA: Whole Body Hole is a scaled-down torso replica of JULIA that can be held in one hand. EXE released this toy alongside the two-way Seriously Reproduced AV Star JULIA – Fella Man 2 Way Hole which is also modelled on Julia and lets you experience her mouth for oral pleasures on one side and her pussy on the other. 

EXE seem to be upping their male masturbator game recently and they’re making a big statement with these two toys based on the raining queen of JAV. Featuring a torso design that is in the same shape and scale as Julia’s curvaceous body, albeit at a much smaller scale, the Seriously Reproduced AV Star JULIA: Whole Body Hole is well-made and has a nice visual appeal. Especially with her busty J-cup breasts and wide hips. 

The toy comes packed in a medium-sized box featuring images of JULIA bearing her breasts and curvy figure. Inside the box, the onahole comes in a plastic bad and accompanied by a pack of lube. 

The toy weighs 480grams which is a fair bit considering its size which is just under 15cms in length and 9cms wide. The material is a pale skin-colour that is somewhat close to that of Julia’s but not quite. It is medium firmness, so, unfortunately, there isn’t any jiggle to Julia’s breasts when you shake the toy. Sad face.

This toy features just penetrable vaginal passage and no anal which is understandable given its small size. Fortunately, that vaginal passage is pretty good. While the inner tunnel of the Seriously Reproduced AV Star JULIA: Whole Body Hole is quite tight the vaginal slit is wide enough to get inside and it isn’t too difficult to lube up with a little fingering. 

The Seriously Reproduced AV Star JULIA: Whole Body Hole onahole is single-layer, so the inside of the vaginal tunnel is made up of the same material to the outside. This inner tunnel is a meandering tube veiled in various soft nubs and bumps throughout. The tunnel is snug and very pleasurable. The structure and firmness of the toy keep everything firmly wrapped around your member and sufficiently strokes and massages your length. 

At the very back of the tunnel, there is a small chamber that contains yet more nubs and one large protrusion at the very end. This chamber is guarded by two sets of flaps that you’ll need to push through to reach inside. The effect of this combination of chamber, flaps and nubs provide some superb stimulation to the head of your penis. 

The tunnel is quite pleasurable and the weight and shape of the toy add to the experience. You can turn Julia’s body over and enjoy her doggy style as well while marvelling at her large ass cheeks and curved back. Fondling her large breast while you’re inside her is a pleasure too. 

I’m quite pleased with this toy and it’s a nice option for those of us who want to enjoy JULIA’s famous curves and pussy without forking out the high asking price for her full torso masturbator. Watching one of her movies while you have a miniature version of her body and tits in your hand and your penis buried within her tight hole really adds to the experience. This might be one of the most visually-appealing onaholes to date and the stimulation is decent too. 

The Seriously Reproduced AV Star JULIA: Whole Body Hole is available at otonaJP (affiliate link to help me keep this blog going).

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