Male Sex Toys from Japan Men's Max Feel Crash Onahole Review

Published on October 29th, 2019 | by Horny Harry


Men’s Max Feel Crash Onahole Review

Men’s Max Feel Crash Onahole Review Horny Harry

Summary: An onahole that is super soft due to it's unique sponge-like material.


Soft Toy

Onaholes made by Men’s Max are usually a bit different from ones available from other makers. Their latest toy, the Men’s Max Feel Crash, is no different.

It feels more spongey than what is is standard amongst male masturbators. It’s made from the same kind of materials though, so I suppose the way that Men’s Max cast this toy is a little different. 

Men's Max Feel Crash Onahole Review
Men’s Max Feel Crash Onahole

The Feel Crash consists of a light fluffy rubber that is filled with small air bubbles. The bubbles cannot be seen on the outside of the toy, but they do give it a slightly different texture and a uniquely sponge-like feel. 

Men's Max Feel Crash Onahole Review
Plain box design

The box that the toy comes in is average-sized and rather features a rather plain design. Men’s Max tends to avoid the hentai-anime style characters and artwork typical among Japanese manufacturers and go for a more sophisticated look. I’d rather have the anime style design thought, to be honest, as that’s part of the reason we love Japanese makers and what makes them different. 

Going by the box design alone, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is anything other than a sex toy. 

Within the box, the toy comes packaged in a clear plastic bag and accompanied by a small pack of lubricant. The toy is a light pastel purple colour and a just a bit bigger than 5 inches, so it’s a fairly small toy. 

Men's Max Feel Crash Onahole Review
Comes with a small pack of lube

The Men’s Max Feel Crash is very hollow and together with the spongey material, it makes for a very soft and squishy toy. 

The exterior is slightly concaved and features two rib protrusion that makes the toy a little easier to grip. Not that gripping this toy is much of an issue anyway as it’s small enough to handle easily anyway.

Men's Max Feel Crash Onahole Review
The Feel Crash is about 13cm in length

There were no efforts made by Men’s Max to mimic a female body part with this toy. The whole design can be summed up by ‘a fuckable purple sponge’ basically. It comes across as more of a toy made for women than men, to be honest, not just because it’s purple, but everything about it aside from the fact you can put your penis in it. 

The inner tunnel is where most of the application seems to have been placed with this toy. There are all sorts of various sizes and shapes of protrusions and chambers. The tube itself is quite spacious, but there are six nubs that protrude quite deep into the centre and aim to provide most of the stimulation. The inner walls are also covered in ribs and the end is closed. 

Lubricating and cleaning this toy is quite easy as due to the wide inner tunnel and the soft material is stretchable making it easy to get inside. It can get a little noisy with a few sucking sounds if you pump hard. 

Men's Max Feel Crash Onahole Review
The outside is rather plain, but the inner is very different

A mentioned previously, the toy is a little larger than 5 inches, so it’s a little short. You may hit the back of the toy often, especially if you are on the larger side, in which case, I’d advise you to avoid this toy and the chance of being frustrated. 

Once you get a nice rhythm going, the Crash is quite enjoyable. You can twist it a little to receive a stimulating massage at different angles along your shaft from those protruding nubs within. 

It’s a bit different than you standard onahole from Japan, but if you don’t mind the plain box and outer toy design, then this ain’t a bad choice. It’s a super soft, small-sized onahole that is fairly easy to clean and provides good stimulation. 

The Men’s Max Feel Crash Onahole is available at otonaJP. (affiliate link)

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