CECILE Onahole by Magic Eyes – Review

Reviewing Onaholes by Magic Eyes is always special to me, generally cause the majority of their releases are great pieces of work. There have been some exceptions recently with a few releases that made us think that they tried to cash in a little too much on their prior success but I was very hopeful that the CECILE Onahole we review today can catch up the the old days of glory, when we had The Mouth of Truth, the Sujiman Kupa series and much more from them.

I have seen people in forums even comparing them Rare Soft in the good old Nintendo 64 days. If you get this comparison, then this means that you are also old, like I am. Let’s get started!

Today’s review item has been provided by otonajp.com and you can find the CECILE Onahole by Magic Eyes here.

The Package and what is in it

Magic Eyes packaging is always very nice. Instead of a regular box, you often get one that you can open like a book, revealing more artwork on the inside. The illustration on the CECILE Onahole shows a very Hot, Gyaru themed girl, in a Jungle setting. Man, this really get me off and is right up my Alley. I loved tanned girls and opening this box really got me going.

Besides the awesome and very high quality looking box, we get same of Magic Eyes own sample lube. Not sure which one they use for it but it is the same that they have been using since forever, or at least since I know of their products which is over 10 years now.

The Toy itself

WOW, let’s get into it. The CECILE Onahole itself is a beautiful looking Onahole. While a bit short I feel with 158mm or 6.22inches, it is quite heavy at 660g or1.46lbs. While maybe not perfectly visible on the pictures I made, the CECILE Onahole has a nice tan to it and looks very sexy, a perfect match the the key visual on the box.

The pussy of the CECILE Onahole is designed in a realistic way, showing her labia. While I am usually not a big fan of those, I can’t help but feel that it looks very sex on the CECILE. Before my first use, I found myself rubbing my cock gently around the entrance, almost celebrating my first encounter with the CECILE Onahole.

The inner part is designed in a nice fleshy pink with this double layer Onahole. The tunnel itself I feel is more on the gentle side, giving you just the right amount of intensity and pleasure. It almost feels like making some real love here to her. Due to the heaviness, I felt it was very easy for me to also adjust the intensity by adding some pressure while holding it, letting me choose how hard I want to go one her.

While being just a small detail, I really love the Navel hole of the CECILE Onahole. I can’t even really describe why but it just feels sexy to me and perhaps, adds just some more realism to the experience.

My Resume

I know giving a perfect score isn’t easy, mostly due to the fact that nothing is perfect and everything can be improved but for the moderate price of $33 as of now, I fucked the hell out of the CECILE Onahole and if you have a thing for tanned Girls, I think this is nearly the perfect toy and I can’t think of many ways to improve it.

I wish some day they make a bigger version of her, like the Sujimam Kupa Rina BIG or even something big like the Sujiman Cocolo. I swear I will lock myself up, call in sick and stock up on Protein bars for at least a week.

I am giving the CECILE Onahole by Magic Eyes a score of 95%.

Thank you otonajp.com for providing the review sample to us.

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