Nekomata Musume Onahole Review

Today, we are going to look at the Nekomata Musume Onahole by Toys Heart. This male masturbator is based on ancient folklore that originated in China and later also grew popular in Japan. Legend has it that feline Yokai (phantoms) called Nekomata live in the mountains and occasionally come down to eat humans in local villages and towns. 

Musume means daughter in Japanese, and what we have here is a Nekomata Musume Onahole, so it translates to something like; The pussy of a feline phantom’s daughter

Nekomata Musume Onahole by Toys Heart
Nekomata Musume Onahole by Toys Heart

Judging by the character artwork on the box of a neko girl striking a cute feline-like pose, I’d say she isn’t quite as scary as her mother and perhaps even friendly. But, maybe I’m wrong and she’s just tempting you in with her sexiness while planning to devour you (with her pussy?) Who knows? Toys Heart, I guess. 

So, let’s see what the pussy of a pussy that came out of a pussy’s pussy is like. 

The Nekomata Musume Onahole is a medium-sized toy with a length just over 16cms and weighing approximately 247 grams. It’s quite thin and long compared to other onaholes, but the material is quite sturdy and will expand enough to accept even larger-girthed members. The tunnel is fairly deep too, which is always a nice plus. 

Nekomata Musume Onahole

The exterior is a sort of peachy pink colour and has a smooth texture. The toy is shaped like a flashlight with a slightly wider mass at the entrance end. There are a couple of winding grooves around the outside. I don’t know if they’re meant to resemble anything or if they’re just to add a little it of grip – or maybe both. 

The surrounding of the entrance hole is also rather strange, with a sort of petal-like engraving, or some sort of strange asshole depending on your current mindset. I have no idea what an actual cat’s pussy looks like, and if this resembles one, though I doubt it. And I don’t feel like googling it right now, so, yeah. The entrance hole itself is a simple, tight circular hole, and provides much of the stimulation with a squeezing sensation. 

A lot is going on in the inner tunnel of the Nekomata Musume Onahole. As is the norm with most Toys Heart toys, more emphasis has been put on the interior and the theme than the exterior of the toy. 

Nekomata Musume Onahole

There are five parts of the tunnel. The first is the snug entrance hole that goes inside for about a centimetre, providing a squeezing sensation. The second chamber has spiralling protrusions leading to two thick “magical orbs” that provide another tight squeeze. The third section is a short snug tube with yet more spiral protrusions veiling the outer walls. The fourth compartment is pretty much the same as the second except it is reversed with the orbs placed before the spirals. And then finally, the last chamber is a sort of uterus and is guarded by another tight entrance hole much like the one right at the front – providing a penetrating stimulation to the tip of your penis.

Nekomata Musume Onahole

The stimulation that the Nekomata Musume Onahole provides is very good. Toys Heart generally tend to get this right with their toys. Of course, they have a few duds, but mostly their onaholes provide a good sensation and because the build quality is also mostly good, you generally get a good toy.

If you’re on the smaller side, you may have trouble getting into that uterus chamber at the end, but average-sized and up will get in no problem. The toy is soft and stretchy enough to expand and accommodate you quite well while also keeping sufficient pressure applied from all of those inner textures to be enjoyable. 

It’s also nice to spin the toy around and squeeze in different laces to apply a different kind of sensation along your shaft, therefore also giving you the ability to be in full control of your session and slow it down or speed it up accordingly. 

There is a lot of fun to be had with this toy, and I enjoyed it a lot. The price ain’t too bad either, and it seems to be durable enough to last a while. 

The Nekomata Musume Onahole is available at otonaJP (affiliate link).

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