Puni Mitsu Soft Onahole Review

The Puni Mitsu Soft Onahole – here – is the soft-type version of EXE’s two Puni Mitsu onaholes – the other being the Puni Mitsu Standard Onahole – here – which I previously reviewed

Puni Mitsu Soft Onahole by EXE
Puni Mitsu Soft Onahole by EXE

The Puni Mitsu Soft is made from a lightly softer material to the standard version and aims to provide a somewhat gentler and milder stimulation. Both toys are medium-sized, handheld male masturbators. “Mitsu” is the Japanese word for dense, so these toys are made to pack a fair bit of mass into that small size, both weighing a hefty 430grams

The theme of both onahole is a sexy maid and both toys in this Puni Mitsu series feature artwork done by Maruku who is a popular artist from Japan. The artwork style is the same, but this soft version has a blonde girl maid wearing a purple dress, whereas the girl on the standard version has light blue hair and is wearing a blue maid dress. Both artworks are superb and fans of box designs and artworks will appreciate the designs of both. 

Within the box, the onahole comes in a plastic bag and with a small pack of lubricant. The Puni Mitsu Soft is a little over 16cms. It’s soft and supple, while also being light and airy, making it pleasing to squeeze. 

Puni Mitsu Soft Onahole by EXE

The Puni Mitus soft is a little different in colour to the standard version. This soft one is more of a deep pi colour, while the standard is a light peachy colour. 

Just like the standard version, the Puni Mitsu Soft has a basic exterior design, with a smooth rounded pear-like shape, with the wider end being the part where the entrance is. The entrance hole is also fairly simple with nothing but a slit, behind which lies a small chamber with another, smaller, circular entrance hole.

The Puni Mitsu Soft is a single-layer toy, so the same material is used to make up the inner tunnel that is used on the exterior. As it is quite thick, it feels durable and sturdy even when you stretch it out.

The inner tunnels of both onaholes are pretty much the same design. They’re both nice and snug throughout and consist of three different zones, with protruding nubs, bumps, spirals and a textured end chamber for building up suction and stimulating the tip of your penis. The soft materials on this version make it a little easier to expand and therefore applies a little less pressure around your shaft, aking a good option for those who want a less intense experience, or perhaps even those with a large girth.

As is the same with the standard version, the stimulation is excellent with your member being stimulated from multiple directions throughout the tunnel. The soft version is a little gentler but it can still lead to a very good orgasm. 

Puni Mitsu Soft Onahole by EXE

As mentioned in my review of the standard version, the size, shape and design of the Puni Mitsu onaholes make them easy to use and maintain. They’re only medium-sized toys, but there’s quite a lot of material packed into both giving them a high-quality feel and also a lot of toy to play with and enjoy. The outer design is quite basic with not much going on visually, but the sensations provided along with the potential long-term use of these onaholes make them both a worthy choice for consideration. 

Choosing between the standard and the soft version will depend on your own preference and sensitivity, but we may even see EXE release a hard type addition in future if they’re as popular as I suspect they’ll be. 

The Puni Mitsu Soft is available at otonaJP (affiliate link).

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