Puni Mitsu Standard Onahole Review

Puni Mitsu Standard Onahole Review

The Puni Mitsu Standard Onahole – here – is a premium handheld male masturbator by EXE (Outvision) in Japan. It’s part of their popular Puni range of onaholes, with now around thirty options available. 

Most of the toys in the Puni series are very good with a lot of emphasis on fun. They don’t take themselves too seriously, don’t go overboard on the themes, the box designs are good, and the toys are pretty decent – but, there are a couple of duds, of course. 

This Puni Mitsu Standard Onahole is part of two new releases and is the “standard’ version made from a material that is somewhere between soft and firm – the other is the Puni Mitsu Soft – here – which is made from a softer material.

Puni Mitsu Standard Onahole

The Puni Mitsu Onaholes feature the same style of artwork as the other Puni toys by EXE as they are all drawn by Maruku. The difference here is that these Mitsu onaholes have a maid girl on the front, instead of the busty blonde on most of the other toys in the Puni range. 

The box design is nice and the maid girl is quite cute in her maid outfit and big tits being barely contained. Within the box, the onahole comes in a plastic bag and with the standard small pack of lubricant that is sufficient for a couple of uses.

The Puni Mitsu Standard is a little over 16cms in length and weighs 430grams, so it has a lot of material packed into its size which gives it a quality feel. It’s quite soft and wobbly, while also being light and airy, making it pleasant to squeeze. 

Puni Mitsu Standard Onahole

The exterior of the toy is basic in design, with a smooth rounded pear shape, with the wider end being the part where the entrance is. Towards the back, it gets slightly narrower which makes it easy to grip and use. The entrance hole is also fairly simple with nothing but a slit, behind which lies a small chamber with another, smaller, circular hole.

Puni Mitsu Standard Onahole

The material isn’t too sticky or powdery which is good as it doesn’t pick up too much dust and fluff compared to some onaholes, but also the smell isn’t too bad and is barely noticeable after a short while. 

The Puni Mitsu Standard is a single-layer toy, so the material used on the outside is also the same material that makes up the inner tunnel. The inner tunnel is nice and tight and is veiled in all sorts of protruding nubs, ribs and bumps. The tunnel is meandering slightly due to the thick inner protrusions and it leads to a small chamber at the very back which builds up a strong suction effect. 

The onahole is medium-sized, as far as onaholes go, but the material has a lot of stretch, so it will easily accommodate the average-sized penis and even a little above-average.

The stimulation that the Puni Mitsu Standard is very good and the inner tunnel textures hit you from every angle. It can lead to some pretty intense orgasms, especially if you take your time with it. It’s a well-made toy and does exactly what it was intended to do, very well. It feels durable and you can confidently use it without fear of any random pieces taring off or expanding the entrance hole – which is the most important thing for any toy that you want to use for more than a couple of times. 

Puni Mitsu Standard Onahole

The toy is also fairly easy to lubricate, and clean after use, and it maintains it’s non-sticky exterior mostly even after use. This is a very good onahole and thought it’s a little more expensive than some others of the same size, it justifies it by the pleasure it provides and the long-term use factor providing you maintain it properly. I can see this being a very popular onahole.

The Puni Mitsu Standard is available at otonaJP (affiliate link).

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