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Published on September 4th, 2018 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Fellamatio BLACK exclusive onahole

Review of the Fellamatio BLACK exclusive onahole Rubber Rod

Summary: Not only one of the most unique onaholes ever to be released, it's also a fantastic male sex toy that is extremely pleasurable to use!


Great Buy

As any regular reader of this site knows, there are a wide variety of male masturbators available in Japan. There are so many onaholes on the market in fact that entire stores are filled with them. It really takes something for a male sex toy to stand out. The Fellamatio BLACK manages to break away from the crowded pack.

To begin with, the origins of the Fellamatio BLACK are very unique. The male masturbator was created from a collaboration between the Hot Powers company and the OtonaJP online onahole retailer. OtonaJP is based in Japan but it is kind of a “foreign” shop with an English website aimed at gaijin all around the world.

As far as I know the Fellamatio BLACK is the first Japanese onahole ever designed with such a team in mind. The OtonaJP people know what foreign guys want and they were able to communicate that to Hot Powers. Using that information, Hot Powers was able to put its expertise to work and create a high quality toy that any guy with a working wiener can love.

No corners were cut on this toy. It comes packed in a full color illustrated box with a picture that actually matches the theme of the toy. If the cartoon babe on the front was real I don’t know that I’d let her get anywhere near my noodle, but I am more than happy to slide into the artificial onahole that she represents.

Fellamatio BLACK onahole review

A really cool thing about the box is that the text is in English! While some onahole boxes have a few words of advertising English stuck on, it’s very rare to see full details and even instructions in the English language printed on the box of a Japanese male sex toy.

Inside the box the toy is packed in a clear plastic bag. A long packet of lubricant is also included. It’s not any kind of throw away lube either. It’s high quality Pepee lube that can actually be put to use. As I’ve said in past reviews, Pepee lotion is simply great.

The teaming of Pepee lotion with the Fellamatio BLACK is fitting because the toy is great too! Seriously. You can tell some real thought and effort was put into this thing. This is the kind of toy I dreamed about years ago when I first thought of bringing my knowledge of the wide world of Japanese male sex toys to English speaking audiences outside of Japan.

As you would probably expect, the Fellamatio BLACK is well… black. It’s made out of a unique Meteo material that is tough to describe. It’s shiny and sleek but still soft. It seems custom made to accommodate penetration from a male member. Knowing Japanese sex toy manufactures, it probably is. I can just imagine some scientist in a lab coat working with various ingredients to concoct the perfect onahole material. If anime has taught me anything, it’s probably even a hot busty woman with glasses.

Fellamatio BLACK male sex toy review

The Fellamatio BLACK has a round entrance hole that’s easy to lube up and get into. Inside there’s a ridge that runs the whole length of the toy. On the outside there are evenly spaced ring type depressions that aid with grip.

As the name suggests, the Fellamatio BLACK is a blowjob simulator. Most BJ toys end up being mediocre in my experience. Some are even hard to bare. But there are a select few exceptions. The Fellamatio BLACK is one. This toy really stands out and it’s about as equal to a really great suck job as you can get from a toy.

It’s not exactly the same as a blowjob. The toy really stimulates the head and the sensitive region under the head in use. Most people who give head unfortunately are either unable or unwilling to do the same themselves.

Clean up with the Fellamatio BLACK is easy. It can be flipped inside out but as usual that’s not recommended. In fact, it’s not needed as the toy can washed out with little effort. The Meteo material is easy to rinse and it keeps its quality even after repeated use. I am glad this product was made and I can only hope that others like it will come along soon.

The Fellamatio BLACK is available exclusively at OtonaJP.

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