R20 Third Onahole Review

The R20 Third is the 3rd edition by ToysHeart in their popular R20 line of male masturbators which are based on curvy 20-year-olds. 

The other toys in the R20 series are: R20 Onaholehere and R20 Puni Onaholehere.

R20 Third Onahole by Toys Heart - Review
R20 Third Onahole by Toys Heart

The R20 Third Onahole comes in roughly the same size box as the other toys in the series and also features a sexy illustrated picture of a voluptuous 20-year-old bearing a glimpse of her perky tits for all to admire – although she’s done in a more modern type of art style that the previous ones. 

R20 Third Onahole by Toys Heart - Review

The onahole comes packaged in a clear plastic bag and within a plastic tray along with a small bottle of lubricant. It has a peachy skin-like colour and is rather smooth in the simple minimal exterior design style as many of ToyHeart’s other onaholes. The smooth exterior doesn’t have any grips, but holding it in hand isn’t really a problem unless the toy is very wet or lubricated on the outside.

R20 Third Onahole by Toys Heart - Review

The toy is soft and squidgy but also quite firm with a bounce and spring feel. The entrance hole is also very simple with a plain circle leading into the inner tunnel which features various nubs and ridges alternating in various directions. There is also a chamber at the very end of the tunnel that helps create the vacuum and adds further stimulation with a narrower entrance. 

The R20 Third Onahole is a single-layer toy so both the inner tunnel and the exterior are made from one single material. A single-layer material usually makes a toy more durable and sturdy compared to some multi-layer toys that have a tendency to separate after some use, or even on the first use if it’s poorly made. 

The sensations of this onahole are very nice, and there is a level of realism to the tunnel due to no outlandish gimmicks or over-exaggerated protrusions to encounter whilst inside. The quality of the toy allows you to be confident when using so you can pump away without fear of damaging anything. 

R20 Third Onahole by Toys Heart - Review

The R20 Third Onahole is just a little less heavy than the other R20 toys, but it still has some decent weight and it all feels nice and compact and good quality. It’s easy to lubricate and to enter, and cleaning out after use is also fairly simple. It’s also long enough to accommodate the average-sized penis quite easily and the soft and stretchy nature of the material will enable it to stretch around a more well-endowed dong. The toy is a little over 6 inches in length on the outside, and the inner tunnel just a little shorter. 

Overall, this is a great male masturbator toy. Toys Heart generally make good quality, durable toys that last a long time with proper care, and the R20 Third is no different. And with its ease of use, maintainability and a good level of steady stimulation that can lead to epic orgasms, this is a solid addition to the R20 series and the world of onaholes in general.

The R20 Third Onahole is available at otonaJP (affiliate link) 

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