Goku Hida Virgin 1100 by G Project Review

Goku Hida Virgin 1100 Mini Torso Onahole Onahole by G Project Japan
Goku Hida Virgin 1100 Onahole by G Project Japan

G Project has been one of the most influential players in the onahole making business in recent years, with good reason, many of the sex toys they have been churning out have simply been top-notch, particularly their ever-popular virgin-themed sex toys. Introducing the Goku Hida Virgin 1100, a mini torso masturbator with perky tits, and the latest Onahole from G-Project I’ve had the pleasure of penetrating.

As is the norm with G-Project’s virgin-themed Onaholes, the box for the Goku Hida Virgin 1100 shows a cute girl bearing her charming ass and pussy for all to see. The Goku Hida Virgin 1100 girl, however, is a kawaii Neko-girl (Cat Girl) with ears and a tail, holding out her paw in an adorable come-fuck-me like pose.

Goku Hida Virgin 1100 Mini Torso Onahole Onahole by G Project Japan
Donuts entered in pictures for ring-size comparisons

The ‘Goku’ kanji on the box means something like great, very or extreme in Japanese, and ‘Hida’ means crease or fold, so I guess the name translates to something like ‘extreme virgin crease’. Sounds good to me!

The Goku Hida Virgin toy rests comfortably within the box – a weighty 1.1kg small-size torso Onahole. The toy is skin coloured and rather soft, wobbly and squeezy which makes it quite enjoyable to fondle. The body is fashioned in the shape of a voluptuous young woman, but obviously a very scaled-down size. She also has small-but-perky breasts with pointy, erect nipples that are very fun to squeeze, twist and flick.

The toy also has a rather fleshy camel toe, which is pleasing to look at while you thrust away. The camel toe is probably one of my favourite features as it’s simply superb to pound against. There are some nice meaty butt cheeks too, but no asshole, unfortunately. Luckily, her vaginal passage is sufficiently enjoyable and you can always turn her over and imagine that you’re taking her up the chocolate tunnel.

The Goku Hida Virgin 1100 is made from G Project’s “Grow Up Skin”. Probably not the best description in English, but the texture and feel of the 1100’s skin speaks for itself when you touch it. The skin is smooth to touch and doesn’t get too sticky during use.

Goku Hida Virgin 1100 Mini Torso Onahole Onahole by G Project Japan
Lots of fun fleshy mounds to play with

The entrance ring to the Goku Hida 1100’s love tunnel is quite small and tight as you’d expect from a virgin themed toy. Open up the hole and you’ll find the single-layer tunnel that is the same colour as the rest of the toy. Not the most visually appealing tunnel to be honest, but that is not what this toy was made for. It is made up of four ridged walls that feel like a series of tight rings when you put your finger in. These ‘rings’ vary in size and tightness due to the walls of the tunnel being unevenly shaped – which, once lubricated, feels great along your shaft as you pound away.

Goku Hida Virgin 1100 Mini Torso Onahole Onahole by G Project Japan
Quite a tight hole, as all virgin holes should be

I appreciate the fact that G-Project hasn’t gone too wild with the interior of this masturbator and kept it fairly straight forward. The simple design of ridges throughout an uneven tunnel is more than sufficient to satisfy your meat monster. The Goku Hida Virgin 1100 canal, in combination with the sturdy weight and feel of the toy, provide a great experience and I’m actually quite impressed. This is seemingly one of G-Project’s best male masturbators yet.

The only negative thing I have to say about this onahole is that it’s a little hard to clean after use due to the small entrance and uneven tunnel walls. But when I say hard, I basically mean it takes a little more effort than some other toys to get all your love custard out of it. Fortunately, G-Project has realized this and included a sponge cleaning stick that enables you to get to the walls inside a little more easily to clean up after you’ve done the dirty.

There are numerous virgin-themed onaholes on the market today competing for your attention and many of them are quite solid options if you’re not too fussy. However, most of them don’t boast the weight and overall fun-factor that the Goku Hida Virgin 1100 provides. G-Project has entered a rather decent option into the fray here.

The Goku Hida Virgin 1100 is available at Otonajp

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