Wet Meiki MONSTER Kakusei CRYSTAL HARD Review

The Wet Meiki MONSTER Kakusei CRYSTAL HARD is an exciting hentai monster-themed toy produced by Magic Eyes. There are a few monster inspired toys by Magic Eyes such as the Chimera series, but the Kakusei toys are their own thing. 

Wet Meiki MONSTER Kakusei CRYSTAL HARD by Magic Eyes

The Wet Meiki MONSTER Kakusei CRYSTAL HARD comes packaged in a cool box decorated with ana anime image of an innocent-looking young girl in a school uniform pulling off her white panties. The box itself is a little bigger than required, but this is quite normal with male sex toys from Japan.

The onahole toy is a normal (medium) handheld sized masturbator. The exterior is made from a see-through jell-like material, and that is the reason it had the word “crystal” in its name as that is a common practice among Japanese male toy makers. The shape and look of the toy are quite strange with a chaotic, textured exterior with lots of grooves and bumps. I guess it is meant to resemble some kind of monster limb or skin – perhaps a monster cock? It looks quite cool, but I have no idea what the sexual appeal is in this design, but hey, Japan is gonna Japan. The grippy texture does make holding and using the toy quite easy at least. 

The inner tunnel of the Wet Meiki MONSTER Kakusei CRYSTAL HARD Onahole is made from a different material that is slightly firmer and is a pale pink colour. This inner tunnel structure is visible from the outside of the toy due to the see-through exterior. It looks quite nice and unique. 

Despite the monster looks of the toy, it feels pretty natural inside. It doesn’t have any kind of distinct smell either. Male sex toys from Japan have improved immensely in recent years and the lack of smell, grease and stickiness had declined, while the durability has gotten better. Japan is not known as a technologically advanced nation for nothing. 

At the front end of the Wet Meiki MONSTER Kakusei CRYSTAL HARD  rests a small round entrance hole. Despite the rather small size of this hole, the toy is actually rather easy to lubricate and clean out. 

This onahole does come with a small bottle of Magic Eyes lubricant too, which should carry you for a few uses. When properly lubed up, this monster pussy is remarkably easy to enter. Even more remarkable is how absolutely amazing the inside of the toy feels. I have been through hundreds of onaholes by now, but the Wet Meiki MONSTER Kakusei CRYSTAL HARD is one of the more superb and stimulating. 

The inside of the inner tunnel features four large ribs running lengthways that are covered in small soft nubs. There’s also a large protrusion on either side in the middle for further stimulation. The onahole is decently sized for a Japanese male masturbator too at a little over 6 inches in length, and the inner tunnel just a little less. As the toy is soft and supple, it also has the capacity to accept and engulf larger sized members, and the durability and build-quality of the toy gives you the confidence to push it.

Immediately upon entering, the Wet Meiki MONSTER Kakusei CRYSTAL HARD starts a gripping and sucking sensation that lasts until the end. The immensely pleasurable sensations start right from the start too. The inside feels great from the entrance to the end. The unique material is soft yet intense. It firmly grasps the user without being too strong or overbearing. There is only so much I can express in words. The feeling of this onahole is something that has to be felt to be understood. It is simply superb.

The only small gripe I have with this toy is that it is a little difficult to dry out after use. Although, cleaning the thing is simple enough, especially if you have the proper accessories, but the length and style inside of the toy mean that air cannot get to all the different parts inside. Even with this minor annoyance though, the Wet Meiki MONSTER Kakusei CRYSTAL HARD is definitely worth the rather modest price is sold for. I really enjoyed this monster-themed pocket pussy, and I bet you shall enjoy her too. 

Wet Meiki MONSTER Kakusei CRYSTAL HARD is available at otonaJP (affiliate link).

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