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Published on March 9th, 2019 | by Rubber Rod


Review of My Private Slave Erotic Maid

Review of My Private Slave Erotic Maid Rubber Rod

Summary: This is a nice full body style toy with a soft realistic pussy hole. It feels great and should last quite a long time.


Great Buy

Don’t let the title fool you. I am not reviewing my own private slave erotic maid. I don’t have one of those. What I do have is a pocket pussy called My Private Slave Erotic Maid that was manufactured by the EXE company of Japan.

I have a mixed history with EXE. I love some of their male sex toys. But I am totally indifferent about some others they have made. My history of reviewing some of their products shows that pretty clearly. In this case, EXE has done well. My Private Slave Erotic Maid is a quite good.

The light bumble gum pink toy is sizable at 800 grams (1.7 pounds). It comes packed in a well designed box with illustrations and pictures of the toy and its features. Inside the onahole is wrapped in plastic and covered with a fine powder for preservation. It also comes packed with a pouch of lube.

The My Private Slave Erotic Maid is what I call a body style toy. What I mean is that it is sort of like a headless doll, modeled on a real woman’s body. It is not to scale, but it is still sexy. And at the very least it’s better than a plain exterior. The round tits on the toy are actually well made and fun to play with. Especially when you’re buried balls deep inside of it! The nice round butt cheeks are nice to bounce against when you’re going at it doggy style too.

This onahole is small enough to hold with one hand. But it is not tiny at all. It’s almost like a real doll. You could get two hands around it if you wanted to. It can also accommodate any reasonably sized male unit too. Even though it grips tightly, there’s plenty of room inside!

The entrance hole is round and big enough to slide in a lube bottle top or a hard rod with general ease. There’s a puffy pussy mound molded above it, but that’s basically just for looks. Unless you want to imagine that you’re banging the doll up the booty hole, which would certainly be fine by me.

My Private Slave Erotic Maid

My Private Slave Erotic Maid is a dual layer toy. The interior material is a different color than the outside. It’s also a bit slicker, which is a good thing. The love canal inside is long and made up of all sorts of twists and turns, just as you would expect in a real twat.

There are no big ridges or unnatural round bumps in My Private Slave Erotic Maid. It’s all soft and spongy like the inside of a real vagina. And of course that is the whole point. It’s modeled after a real pussy. And EXE did a good job there. Because once you get the thing lubed and warmed up, it feel quite like the real thing indeed.

My Private Slave Erotic Maid

Cleaning the toy can be a task but that’s almost always the case of realistic interiors with natural features. The obvious solution is to purchase some purpose made cleaning tools so you can enjoy the realism without any stress or hassle.

You’ll be glad you did. Because My Private Slave Erotic Maid is a really sensational toy that is sure to last a long time with proper care. And who could ever get tired of a soft natural pussy to cum into on demand?

The My Private Slave Erotic Maid is available at OtonaJP.

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