Male Sex Toys from Japan Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft

Published on March 9th, 2019 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft

Review of the Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft Rubber Rod

Summary: A nice soft alternative to the hard anal fuck version of the toy. This re-imagining is a lot like a real nakadashi delight!


Good Buy

Have you ever wanted to shoot a full wad of hot sticky semen into a wet Japanese pussy? Depending on who and where you are, you unfortunately may never be able to live out your dream. That is unless you order the Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft by Hot Powers. Then you can do it to your heart’s desire.

This Japanese sex toy is based around an adult Japanese Role Playing Game called Meltys Quest. The RPG is actually available on Steam now that the company has started allowing in adult content. This is a game you can actually play right now despite all the other controversy going on with Steam and its sexual content guidelines at the moment. Or even better, you could just pick up this toy instead and have some real fun!

I recently reviewed a sex toy that I described as an upgrade of a popular onahole. The Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft isn’t an upgrade. But it is a different take on an onahole that already exists. Let’s call it a re-imagining. Or more precisely, a shift.

The clear Meltys Quest Marumie Hard is a “hard type” toy that is meant to simulate the Meltys Quest babe’s tight anus. Since that might be too intense for some, the company has also released this soft pocket pussy. And boy is it comfortable!

Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft

Nakadashi is of course the Japanese term for a “creampie.” In other words, to nakadashi a pussy means to cum in it. That is one of life’s great pleasures. But in this modern world, there are many men who can’t even experience it. That seems sort of insane since breeding is the basis of our species, but that’s a subject for another time.

The Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft comes packed in a small but excellently designed box with a really erotic illustrated picture on the box. I love that “free pussy” is written across her stomach in English. A nice artistic touch to be sure.

The actual toy is a light skin tone. It’s packed in a clear plastic bag. A small packet of lube is also included. Though you’d probably want to use your own lubricant so don’t have to worry about fussing with it.

Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft

The entrance hole is found nestled a little high between two floppy and obviously well used labia. It’s easy to lube up with a bottle. And it’s also easy to slide into. The toy is all one piece and thus one color. The interior is a wavy sort of canal that goes up and down. It’s lined with small ridges and notches that work together to create a lot of feeling. At the end there is a reservoir style roundabout that is the perfect fit for a cock head. It’s an even better place to squirt a load.

Although this onahole might look a little short, it can accommodate any average unit. A big one would probably fit inside alright too. Because this thing is really soft and flexible. After you lube it up, entering the toy feels like your dick and balls are falling into a freshly fluffed goose down pillow or something. It’s quite nice. And it actually feels something like the real thing.

If I have any complaint it is that the toy doesn’t match the color of the tan gal on the cover. It shouldn’t be that hard to make the colors similar and help with the fantasy. But ultimately it doesn’t matter much. Even someone who has never played Meltys Quest or even heard of it would enjoy unloading into this supple cock sock.

The Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft is available at OtonaJP.

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