Sexual Lubricant from Japan Soft On Demand Passion Type Lotion lubricant for onaholes

Published on October 20th, 2016 | by Rubber Rod


Review of SOD Passion Lotion

Review of SOD Passion Lotion Rubber Rod

Summary: Not the best in the SOD line. This Passion Lotion is a little too sticky for my tastes though I'm sure it has its place.


Soft on Demand is a huge company located in Japan. The outfit is probably best known for the large amount of high quality porn it produces but they are involved in all sorts of related industries. They have a hand in things like the world famous Tenga cups and even produce a series of sexual lubricants that in my considered opinion are some of the best available anywhere.

I have already reviewed the company’s SOD Emotion Type lubricant as well as their SOD Creation Type Lotion. Both received high scores.

I try to focus most on reviewing onaholes since that is in fact the name of the game here at Still other things are important. Especially lubricants which are basically a requirement when using any of the onaholes covered here.

Soft On Demand’s Passion Type lubricant comes in the same sort of soft plastic squeeze bottle as the previously described SOD lubes. It might seem strange to mention the bottles but they are actually important when using the stuff. The SOD soft squeeze bottles can be opened and operated with one hand which is incredibly useful when having a good time with an onahole or using one hand to manipulate a mouse or laptop touch pad. They help to keep one hand free and clean.

SOD Passion Type comes in a black container. That helps set it apart. Its consistency is the other deciding factor.

SOD Passion Lotion is incredibly sticky. It almost like honey when it first comes out of the bottle though it is obviously a lot easier to clean up. The stuff is also very stringy. The level of stickiness approaches that of the popular nuru bath slime.

The combination or sticky and stringy means that the stuff can be a bit messy. Even getting a bit out of the bottle can be a bit of a chore since it can be tough to get a bit in the hand or in a toy without leaving a long sticky string leading back to the bottle A quick squirt and pull motion is required. Either that or a towel to clean things up afterward.

This Passion lube is water based like all of the other lubricants in the SOD line. Most lubes in Japan are in fact water based which is a good thing for onahole users. Silicone based lubricants break down the plastics used to manufacture onaholes. They don’t work together at all.

SOD Passion Lotion also tends to bind up. That means that more of it is required for use. It is then like the complete opposite of the Creation Lotion formulation which seems to last forever.

SOD Passion Lotion surely has its uses. It provides a different feeling than the other lubes on the market. I don’t think it is a must have or anything near it but it can be an interested bit of wet stuff to add to the collection. After all, what good is money if you don’t spend it?

SOD Passion Type Lotion is available at Kanojo Toys.

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