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Published on August 10th, 2018 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Melty Love onahole

Review of the Melty Love onahole Rubber Rod

Summary: Another high quality toy from Magic Eyes on the tail of the mouth of truth. The Melty Love is not perfect, but it is pretty good.


Good Buy

The Japan-based Magic Eyes company is a prominent male sex toy manufacturer. Several of their products have been reviewed on this site. Some scored very highly, including La Bocca Della Verita which is on my list of the best onaholes. Other products from Magic Eyes received a more or less average ranking.

Recently I reviewed La Bocca Della Verita Perorin. It scored well, and I think the toy is really fun to use. The Melty Love comes in a very similar package to the Perorin. Unfortunately, it is not nearly as enjoyable to use.

The Melty Love is a relatively recent release. It followed on the heels of the very popular and successful mouth of truth. Like many sequels however, the toy falls a little short. That’s not to say the toy itself is short. It is the same length as most other standard onaholes.

The Melty Love comes in a flat matte box with a sideways opening. The box is decorated with an illustration of a lady in sort of traditional undergarments. In English the box says, “let’s let loose completely.”

Inside the box, the Melty Love rests in a plastic tray. A bit of lube is included too, as is standard for onaholes today. The toy itself is shaped a lot like the previously reviewed Sujiman Kupa Rinka. That is, it is more or less shaped like a woman’s body though obviously not to scale. It has small molded breasts, a belly button, big puffy external lips, the nubs of legs and soft butt cheeks on the back.

Melty Love male masturbator

Like most high quality onaholes, the Melty Love is a dual layer toy. The external portion is a flesh color. The inside of the toy is made from a more rubbery plastic that has a bubble gum pink color. The entrance is a very small hole embedded between the big external lips. Because the entrance hole is so small, the toy is not easy to lubricate at all.

On the other hand, the toy is very easy to penetrate once it is properly lubed. The shape of the outside aids in grip too. Still, the toy can be tough to manage. That’s because of the way it is weighted.

The Melty Love can be quite floppy. It seems to be too heavy at the ass end, which causes the thing to fall all around when in use. It almost seems to take on the consistency of gelatin at times.

Melty Love male masturbator

That is not necessarily unmanageable however. If the toy was not very pleasurable, this would probably rule out any purchase completely. Since the toy feels pretty good when used however, it won’t be an obstacle for everyone.

The Melty Love is accurately named for the sensation it created. You almost feel as you are melting into the toy. It’s soft and receptive and it creates gentle feelings of pleasure without over stimulating.

The toy is well made and built to last but it does get a bit sticky after a few uses. Because of that, some maintenance and onahole accessories may be required to keep the Melty Love around for a significant amount of time.

The Melty Love is available at OtonaJP.

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