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Published on August 17th, 2018 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Tsubomi +

Review of the Tsubomi + Rubber Rod

Summary: Tsubomi is a popular porn star. This toy will never get a fraction as many fans as her video. It's not that good.



The Tsubomi + is one of many onaholes modeled after Japanese porn stars produced by the EXE company. Several of these porn star style toys have already been reviewed here. The Julia + received such high rankings that it was included on my list of the ten best onaholes. The Kurea Hasumi + on the other hand was given an average ranking.

As the name would suggest, the Tsubomi + is based on Japanese AV idol Tsubomi. It comes in a slightly smaller than average box that contains images of Tsubomi. The box is glossy with a glittery finish that I must admit is pretty eye catching.

Inside the box, the Tsubomi + toy is powdered and packed in a double plastic bag. The toy is short with a skin tone coloration. It has an almost mechanical appearance. While all onaholes are machine made, this one really looks like it just popper off a conveyor line. It’s a totally round cylinder with very obviously molded lips in the spread position. There are really no more features to it. That’s a little strange since even the Kurea Hasumi has all sorts of molded shapes on the outside.

A long skinny pouch of EXE Excellent lubricant is included with the Tsubomi +. The toy is already tough to lube up thanks to its tiny entrance hole. With the included pouch, lubing the toy up for use would approach the impossible. For me this isn’t an issue as I always have a tube of SOD Emotion Lotion around, but for other buyers it could cause real headaches.

Although the toy is a bit difficult to lube up, penetrating the thing is no real task. Inside the entrance there are lots of tiny ridges. In use only so much of this can be felt however, as a struggle is required just to stay inside the toy.

Tsubomi plus onahole

As mentioned, the Tsubomi + is on the short side. It also has a small hole and narrow canal. On top of that, it’s made from a springy type of material. All of that combines to make it as much like a bouncy ball as an onahole. Immediately after thrusting forward the toy seems to thrust you back out. It’s like playing basketball. Some may enjoy that, but it seems like a lot of work for what should be a relaxing experience.

The toy isn’t bad, but it’s not all that good either. It would be a middle of the road onahole if not for the need to fight back just to stay inside. Because of that it is not even up to the average standards.

The EXE plus toys based on porn stars seem to be all over the place. Some are elaborate and very well made while others are cheap and unimaginative. Price only seems to have a little to do with that. The Tsubomi + is cheaper than the Julia +, but so is the Milkysoft Kohaku Uta by the same manufacturer which is a real pleasure.

Ultimately it seems the only way to know what a plus toy is like is to simply buy one and take the plunge. Or you could let me do it and then base your purchases on my reviews.

The Tsubomi + is available at OtonaJP

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