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Review of the Style Mark I

Review of the Style Mark I Rubber Rod

Summary: An economical choice that provides a very realistic feeling even though it is not very real looking. Durability is an issue.


Good Buy

The Style Mark I is one of several toys in the “style” series sold by ToysHeart. ToysHeart is one of my favorite sex toy manufacturers in Japan. They produce such a wide variety of products that they are sure to have something for everyone. The company isn’t well known outside of Japan but I can see that changing in the future with a very real possibility for the company even becoming as renown as Tenga in the right circumstances.

The Mark I comes in the same long thin box as all the other toys in the Style series. It has the appearance of a expensive bottle of perfume or something similar though a closer look at the images on the box reveals exactly what is inside. It also includes a package of Vanessa & Co lube.

The toy itself is longer than most others and definitely extends beyond the length of the average man’s unit. It is thinner than some other toys but not so thin that it looks cheap. The color is a sort of bubble gum pink and the exterior has a pair of cartoonish looking lips and clit. In addition the outside body is half covered in a rough texture that is meant to aid in gripping the thing. It’s more fantasy than realism then but that’s fine in this case since that is the nature of this toy and the other Style holes.

The material is light and airy and the toy is a little floppy but it isn’t low quality by any means. Just after the artificial pussy lips a small round opening is found. This leads to a love canal that starts with small straight lines then has light studs. After that comes some larger bumps for additional feeling. It ends in a soft round pocket that is a perfect fit for a penis head. It is only open on one end with no air hole. Most Japanese toys are like this now but I still mention it because there are toys around with an air escape valve.

The opening at the end isn’t the easiest to lube but it can certainly be done. A regular amount of good quality stuff does well in the toy and makes it easy to get in and out of the hole. For whatever reason using the toy is even quieter than using a lubed hand so you definitely don’t have to worry about waking the neighbors when you pound the Mark I unless you’re a moaner or in the habit of watching porn with the speakers on full blast.

Mark I Style Japanese male masturbator

Because the toy is so long it’s not so easy to hit the end. That sets it apart from many other Japanese toys. Even some of the highest quality onaholes are so short that your unit bumps up against the back when you use it. That can be good or bad depending on the design of the toy but it’s nice to be able to go as deep as you can without running into any obstacles.

The softness of the toy really proves useful when you’re using it. It gives a great sensation that is very close to the real thing. The grips on the outside make it easier to handle. It is so soft that it might be hard to grip it otherwise, especially with a hand drenched in super slippery lubrication. When used inside of a doll it feels totally realistic though in that situation it is harder to feel the individual nobs and ends inside.

Spinning the toy around does produce slightly different sensations. Turning it upside down increases the tightness and sensation. It is hard not to blow a load when using it in this “doggy style” position.

The Mark I is not without its downsides however. It doesn’t pick up temperature very well even when well used. It also has a tendency to rip at the opening. This doesn’t render it unusable but after repeated goes it could present a problem. Another problem is that you can sometimes get off track and start to come through the side. It doesn’t rip open on the first several uses but it could certaibly happen at some point down the road. Luckily the toy is very inexpensive even when purchased online from overseas so it’s not the end of the world if you do blow out the opening or stab your sword through the side. I like it.

The Style Mark I is available at Toy Demon.

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