Male Sex Toys from Japan Ona Pit Wave

Published on July 6th, 2018 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Ona Pit Wave

Review of the Ona Pit Wave Rubber Rod

Summary: Some pocket pussies are terrible. This is not one of them. It's one of the best portable male masturbators ever made.


Great Buy

The Ona Pit Wave is one of the many travel size male sex toys sold in Japan. The idea is that these toys are easy to pack away and use once while on the road. They’re meant to be disposable, though some budget minded guys do apparently wash them out and keep them for reuse.

There are a lot of Ona Pit toys on the market. They’re produced by the well known and loved ToysHeart company. I have already reviewed several of the Ona Pits such as the Ona Pit Sucker here on this website. Some of the Ona Pits come in pretty boring packaging, but recently Ona Pits have been coming in creative and cool packaging covered with sexy anime pictures.

The Ona Pit Wave comes in a purple package with an illustrated picture of a sexy chick plastered across the front. Inside the package there is a plastic bag that contains the Ona Pit Wave itself. There is also a small pouch of Vanessa Lotion lubricant included.

Ona Pit Wave male sex toy

The Ona Pit Wave looks like all other Ona Pit toys from the outside. That means it has a foggy white makeup and a bulb sort of shape. There’s also a large opening on one end that serves as the entrance. The toy is easy to lube up and to enter as long as you keep your grabbing hand dry.

Inside the Ona Pit Wave contains a bunch of waves. The name is very fitting. These wavy lines have different lengths and combine to produce a lot of sensation without being too much. The lines are vertical so they go along with the direction of user thrust rather than against it.

At the end of the Ona Pit Wave, there is a smooth bubble like reservoir that ends things on a light note. The toy can stretch well beyond its stationary size too, and I think it would accommodate pretty much every guy around.

The feels very good in use. It feels best when used for short strokes at the tip. It is in this head work that the Wave really comes into its own. For the price it would be hard to beat. It’s definitely better than just beating the meat, even though that is basically free.

The Ona Pit Wave is available from Toy Demon.

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