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Published on June 30th, 2018 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the SI-X Type N

Review of the SI-X Type N Rubber Rod

Summary: One of the better toys in the SI-X line. The Type N is unique and packs a lot of punch in an averaged sized package.


Good Buy

The SI-X Type N is one of the male masturbators in the popular SI-X line of toys by Japanese manufacturer ToysHeart. The SI-X have been around for a while and they have quite a following. Even on websites like Toy Demon that sell Japanese sex toys to people in the United States nearly all of the SI-X toys have high user ratings.

The different SI-X toys are based on various things. So there is hand job type of SI-X among many others. The SI-X Type N is the “natural type.” I guess that means it is meant to feel like a real vagina. In that it comes pretty close, so this could more or less be considered a success. Read on and you’ll see what I mean.

The Type N comes packed in a white and purple SI-X box. It is the same size and shape as all other SI-X boxes. The toy itself is flesh colored and comes packed in a plastic bag. A small amount of Vanessa lubricant is also included but it probably only enough for one use if that.

SI-X Type N

Like all SI-X toys, the Type N has a spongy sort of grip on the exterior. In front there is a big depression. Inside of the depression is a large round hole that serves as the entrance. The depression and large hole make the SI-X Type N very easy to lube and penetrate.

Inside of the entrance there are a series of rising ridges followed by smaller lines that go straight with the pattern of the user’s stroke. It all ends in a big pillowy soft reservoir that is incredibly accommodating.

SI-X Type N onahole

The SI-X Type N is a very welcoming toy. Entering the thing feels something akin to moving into a world of pleasure. The toy is soft yet stimulating. It feels especially good in the most sensitive spots under the head.

The SI-X Type N is also very comfortable to use. None of the individual features can necessarily be sensed specifically but overall the Type N is very pleasurable to use. It does feel pretty close to the real thing too, especially once it gets warmed up either with sustained use or an onahole warmer.

The SI-X Type N is easy to clean thanks to the large round opening. It dries well too due to the relatively straight canal inside. If there is any downside to the Type N, it would probably be that the toy is a bit sticky. That’s hardly the end of the world however. The Type N is a lot of fun!

The SI-X Type N is available at Toy Demon.

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