Review of Vanessa & Co Lotion

Review of Vanessa sex toy lube from Japan

As the Onahole Review continues to grow the number of products examined on this site continues to grow. Obviously the main focus continues to be onaholes themselves but it would be ridiculous to leave lubrication out of the mix since it is totally necessary for any sort of interaction with the plastic pussies written about here in great detail.

Vanessa & Co Lotion by renown Japanese sex toy manufacturer ToysHeart is probably one of the most used lubes in Japan by guys who like to play with artificial orifices. One reason for that is that ToysHeart includes packets or small bottles of the lube with most of the onaholes they sell, and that’s a lot. Another reason is that the lube is quite useful as this review will go on to explain.

Since the packages of lubrication included in onaholes are typically only large enough for a single use most serious onaists purchase their own lube and keep it on standby. This makes things a hell of a lot easier and insures that one won’t run out of lube when it’s most needed or even worse run into some uncomfortable skin-on-rubber running.

The most popular and widely available size of Vanessa & Co Lotion is the 200 milliliter bottle which is a little smaller than the standard sized bottle of the previously reviewed Pepee Original Lotion but still enough to get the job done for quite sometime unless you use an insane amount of lube or spend days and nights on end going at your toys. I wouldn’t blame you if you did either of course.

As with the aforementioned Pepee product the Vanessa & Co Lotion isn’t really lotion. For whatever reason Japanese companies seem to use this word a lot on lubrication products. It doesn’t matter much though as I’m sure next to no one is buying this stuff in hopes of softening up from dry skin. It is lube from use with toys, hands and people and nothing more. It’s clear like water though the consistency is more like the love liquid produced by a woman who is turned on and in the mood.

As people who have played with ToysHeart products will attest, Vanessa & Co Lotion is a great match for most onaholes. It reminds me a lot of the excellent Soft on Demand Emotion Lube but it is a little thicker. Because of that it is also a little stringier and capable of creating quite a mess if you’re not careful. It’s easy enough to clean up but no one wants to be bent over on their hands and knees cleaning up clear lube off the floor after a session with an artificial orifice. Careful application of this slime like substance or the strategic placement of a towel makes that problem easy enough to avoid in any event.

Vanessa Lotion isn’t the cheapest Japanese lube available either. The price goes up more when it’s purchased online from companies that have to important the stuff from Japan but that only makes sense. Luckily the rate hike isn’t too high and the stuff is still available at reasonable rates considering the traveling that has to be done and the niche market it is aimed at. For those who try the lube with a toy and fall in love it’s an easy and small expense to justify.

Vanessa & Co. Lotion is available at Toy Demon.

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