Male Sex Toys from Japan SI-X Type H onahole

Published on June 29th, 2018 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the SI-X Type H

Review of the SI-X Type H Rubber Rod

Summary: A middle of the road selection from the SI-X line, the Type H is neither the best nor the worst onahole around.


Good Buy

The SI-X Type H is one of the many toys in the popular SI-X line of onaholes manufactured and marketed by ToysHeart. I have reviewed other SI-X toys on this website in the past and I will continue to review more of them in the future, probably until I have covered each and every SI-X masturbator available.

The SI-X Toys are somewhat uniform, at least on the outside. The SI-X Type H comes in the standard long skinny SI-X box. The Type H box is black just like the toy itself. The box has a faint illustration of a hand in a gripping position in the background which is fitting since the Type H is supposed to produce a hand job type of sensation.

All SI-X male sex toys have more or less the same shape and size. The Type H is longer than the average penis. It’s got the typical long narrow shape with a foamy sort of grip texture on the outside. In the front there is a recess with a big round hole in the middle. The big hole makes the toy easy to lube up and to penetrate.

The toy can be a bit difficult to handle however due to its stickiness. This can be a problem with some SI-X toys, but not others. In this case, the Type H is very sticky. You can see that from the very beginning as the toy is usually stuck to the bag making the thing tough to get out of the packaging.

SI-X Type H onahole

Inside the Type H there is a firm G spot type protrusion just past the entrance. That is followed by a series of ridges that are apparently meant to duplicate the inside of a hand. At least I guess that’s what they’re going for since the Type H is labeled as a hand job type toy.

The toy feels pretty good in use. Spinning the thing around produces different sensations. Putting the molded butt cheeks upward seems to produce the most pleasurable sensations. Other angles do not feel as good. There can be a bit of roughness inside the hole depending on how it is used.

SI-X Type H onahole

One may wonder why they should shell out money for a hand job simulator if they already have a hand. That is indeed a good question. The Type H feels a little better than using a lubed up hand but it also costs money and requires some effort to use and clean.

The Type H is easy to clean thanks to the big entrance hole and it stores pretty well too. It does have a stickiness to it that can be a pain but it’s not the worst or most difficult male sex toy to be found by any means.

The SI-X Type H is available at Toy Demon and Kanojo Toys.

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