Review of the Unreal Lady

Unreal Lady onahole sex toy

The Unreal Lady is one of the many toys released by the Magic Eyes company in recent years. If you are a regular reader of this website, then you will know that I hold most masturbators from this company in very high regard. Most of what they make is very good.

Magic Toys has manufactured some of the toys on my list of the 10 best onaholes. They have also put out a couple of mediocre toys and even a stinker or two. But in general, the Magic Eyes logo on a box is an indicator of quality. That’s true with this toy too.

The Unreal Lady is poorly named in my opinion. At least in English. Because this onahole is one of the most realistic male masturbators I have ever played with. If you close your eyes while you’re balls deep in this thing, you honestly might forget that you’re masturbating rather than being in bed with a hot Japanese girl.

Unreal Lady realistic onahole

The toy comes packed in the kind of box that is standard of the current Magic Eyes generation of onaholes. That means it is a nice matte box with lots of illustration to set the mood and get you excited. As the container indicates, this onahole is 940 grams. At over two pounds, this is no throw away masturbation cup!

Inside the box awaits the Unreal Lady. The toy is skin colored and very soft to the touch. It has a bit of wobble that is actually pretty alluring. The onahole is molded into the shape of a woman like the recently reviewed ViVi Doll 01 Moe. It is obviously not to scale, but I love the molded butt cheeks and the perky round tits each capped with their own pointy and chewable nipples. The thing reminds me of my beloved Julia+, except that the pussy lips are a lot more puffy on the Unreal Lady. There’s a nice puckered bung hole too, but you can’t penetrate it.

The Unreal Lady is made of a material that Magic Eyes calls “unreal skin.” Again, I think this is a poor choice of English words. It is more like “real skin”. And I think that name has ever been used before by a low-end American sex toy maker. In this case, the stuff is actually a lot like real human flesh. Especially when it gets warmed up with use.

Unreal Lady realistic male sex toy

The puffy pussy on the unreal lady is always waiting and open for entry. This makes it easy to lube up. And it also reveals the dual layer construction which is meticulously melded together in a seamless fashion. The interior of the toy is made of a slick and silky light pink material that feels great against your unit when properly lubricated. There are several tight rings right at the entrance. And once you get beyond those you enter a straight love canal that is lined with multiple rings of various tightness and size. It produces sensations that are about as close to the real thing as you can get.

The trend today is for pocket pussies to have wild twisting interiors with all sorts of various protrusions. The Unreal Lady shows that a straight fuck tube can also feel great if done the right way. I have known this fact for years because I had an old school toy with a straight inside long ago that was one of the most comfortable and pleasurable plastic pussies I have ever had the pleasure to penetrate.

An added bonus of the straight shot inside the Unreal Lady is that it is easy to clean out and dry. This is not something to underestimate as it means you have less maintenance with this toy and a better chance that it will last a long time.

If you give the Unreal Lady a shot, you will definitely want to keep it around for as long as possible. I have ordered three of these things just in case they ever go out of production in the future. I have still not fully recovered from the unfortunate discontinuance of the incredible Superb Fella.

The Unreal Lady is available at OtonaJP.

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