Male Sex Toys from Japan Review of Tenga soft tube cup

Published on July 23rd, 2015 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Tenga Soft Tube Cup

Review of the Tenga Soft Tube Cup Rubber Rod

Summary: An economical toy specially designed to suck the user dry. It's neither the best nor the worst toy around.



The Soft Tube Cup is yet another creation in a long line that has come out from Japanese toy creator Tenga over the years. A constant drive for innovation and variety has been the hallmark of the company and helps explain why it has become so popular.

The exterior of the toy is made of the same kind of hard plastic as the Deep Throat Cup and other similar cups though it’s design makes it squeezable. It is a little longer and resembles a bottle of shampoo or hair gel at first glance. Inside is a soft plastic sex toy that is meant to be banged.

Opening the toy is as easy as pulling a tab and pealing back some of the red plastic wrapping. Then you simply pop the plastic cap off to enjoy all of the goodness inside. The toy is filled with a very stringy clear lube than can make quite a mess since it stretches to stay connected to whatever it comes in contact with. The stuff is good once your unit is in the toy but before that you have to be careful not to get it all over the place. It does clean up easily if you do have an accident but who wants to go through that?

The round hole isn’t too big and it does a good job at gripping your dick. The front is flexible so the hole does move in and out a bit. This does give the impression of a mouth coming out to suck you in but not as much as with the previously mentioned Deep Throat cup.

When the sticker at the top of the toy is removed to clear the air hole the toy feels and sounds a lot like a lighter version of the Fleshlight. By applying your finger to cover the hole back up again you can create an incredible amount of suction. Every stroke you take only adds more suction until you are finally maxed out. The design of the cup allows it to collapse and a sort of vacuum is created inside that will keep on sucking you for as long as you’d like. This adds to the realism of the toy and it does indeed start to feel like the real thing even though it looks like a hair care product from the outside.

Because the toy is so long most guys of normal length don’t have to worry about hitting into the back. You can really go at it then pumping away as much as you desire, at least until you feel a rumbling in your change purse followed by that familiar semen squirting sensation.

I don’t know how well the toy cleans up if it does at all since it designed to be disposable after a single use. The price is so reasonable that is understandable. With few exception most onaholes in this price range don’t last very long even when they are meant for repeat play.

The Tenga Soft Cup isn’t my favorite toy by a long shot but it’ll do in many situations. I’d rather have this than a dish towel and a latex glove, that’s for sure.

The Tenga Soft Cup is available from Toy Demon and Kanojo Toys.

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