Male Sex Toys from Japan Review of Risa Kasumi Japanese onahole

Published on August 13th, 2015 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Risa Kasumi Bistro onahole

Review of the Risa Kasumi Bistro onahole Rubber Rod

Summary: This premium toy is high quality and long lasting but doesn't provide enough sensation.


Good Buy

The Risa Kasumi Bistro is a premium male masturbator created by the company behind a series of popular inflatable and plush sex dolls in Japan. Even though it was first released way back in 2011 it remains a popular choice. It seems to be one of the most purchased toys whenever I visit the massive Love Merci sex toys shop in Aihabara, Tokyo.

As the name would suggest the toy is modeled after Japanese adult video star Risa Kasumi. It doesn’t look at realistic as some of the other model based toys like the famous Maria Ozawa Meiki but it is certainly more realistic than some others like the Kiwami Zoukei Julia.

The toy comes in a box that is larger than those for most other similar toys. The pussy is packed with care in a double plastic tray along with a small black packet of lube. The thing is pretty large for an onahole being longer than most penises by a long shot and bigger around than a can of Coca Cola. The body of the toy is smooth and skin colored with a pair of pink molded lips on the front that look just like Risa’s private parts. I know this because of the extensive research I have put in on the subject.

The toy is incredibly high quality. It is made of a great dense material that actually allows the toy to stand up without falling over. Few toys can do this and most that can tend to be on the harder side which is something that not everyone likes. In this case the toy is almost as soft as real skin.

The toy is only open on one end which is the way most Japanese onaholes are made today. It is very easy to lube up by way of the small hole located between the pink pussy lips, just where you would expect it to be. Inside the hole there is a tight ring that grabs your unit nicely. This is followed by a smooth passage, a set of ribs, a twisting tube and finally a soft reservoir that is a little bigger than the rest of the canal.

When the tube is properly lubed it is incredibly easy to get inside. This is what you would expect from a woman that has been in hundreds of sex movies so there is no surprise there. I was a little surprised that there isn’t much sensation however since the inside of the toy seems to have been designed so well. Perhaps they need someone to test the prototypes in the future. If so I would gladly volunteer.

Review of Risa Kasumi Japanese male masturbator

Don’t get me wrong you can feel something it is just not what I thought I would get. It is certainly better than banging your hand in any event. The weight and heft of the toy adds a lot to the experience and I have to give the makers credit for not skimping out in that area.

Turning the toy upside down to use it “doggy style” does feel a little better though it’s still nothing mind blowing. The pussy is a little noisy when you fuck it too so it’s probably not something you want to try to use in secret with a light sleeper nearby. On the plus side the size and quality of the material means it is almost impossible to go through the side or back end of the toy even at full thrust unless you are hung like Secretariat.

The toy is a bit too large to fit inside of most dolls. This is a little strange since the company became famous for creating love dolls to begin with but since they were going for something new in the form of a realistic model-based doll it is understandable. When it can be fit inside of a doll it still doesn’t produce a whole lot in the way of feeling and so it is probably not worth the effort.

The best feature of this toy is the material and way it is made. It shows no sign of breakdown even after multiple uses over a period of weeks. It has no smell and it isn’t sticky at all which means it doesn’t pick up lint and hair like some other toys do. Plus it is incredibly easy to clean. You can just hold the hole up against a faucet and watch it fill up with water like a balloon before turning it upside down and letting the liquid shoot out. No worries!

The Risa Kasumi Bistro is available at Toy Demon and Kanojo Toys.

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